Ageing Makeup Mistakes: The Dos and Don’ts Revealed by a UK Cosmetics Artist

21 November 2023

A Permanent Makeup Expert Shares Tips for Timeless Beauty

In the world of makeup, trends come and go, but there are certain mistakes that can make you appear older than you are. Karen Betts, a renowned permanent makeup and microblading artist, has identified three common makeup mistakes that can age people. With her expertise, Betts offers alternative techniques that provide a more natural and timeless look. In this article, we explore these mistakes and delve into the innovative solutions Betts suggests to enhance your features and boost your confidence.

Don’t Wing It: Micro Lining for Subtle Definition

Avoid the Dated Winged Eyeliner Look

When it comes to eyeliner, the popular winged look can be tricky to master and often results in a heavier application than intended. Betts advises against this technique, as it can make you appear older and outdated. Instead, she recommends a precision art called micro lining. This subtle technique involves lining the lash line to create the illusion of fuller and thicker lashes while enhancing the natural shape of the eye. For a more permanent solution, Betts introduces the Lash Density technique, a micro-shading method that intensifies the lash line. By diffusing pigment between each natural hair, this technique adds depth and color, giving the appearance of fuller lashes without the need for eyeliner, mascara, or extensions.

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Timeless Brows: Embrace Brow Lamination

Avoid Following Brow Trends and Opt for Natural Enhancements

Eyebrow trends have evolved over the years, from the thin brows of the ’90s to the recent “soap brows” trend. Betts advises against blindly following these trends, as they may not suit everyone and can quickly become dated. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of enhancing natural brow shapes. Betts praises the innovative technique of brow lamination, which has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok. Brow lamination can tame unruly brows, correct symmetry, and create a fuller and fluffier look. When done correctly, it provides a more youthful appearance without the need for dramatic laminated brows. This technique offers a versatile solution to cater to individual needs and preferences.

Subtle Lip Enhancement: Microshading for Natural Results

Move Away from Harsh Lip Liner and Embrace a More Natural Look

Permanent lip liner often invokes images of the thick and harsh lines popularized in the ’90s, which can age the face. Betts suggests a more natural approach to lip enhancement through a technique called “microshading” or lip blushing. This method involves using tiny needles to implant pigment into the lips, resulting in a less synthetic appearance. By opting for this technique, individuals can achieve a more subtle and natural enhancement that enhances their lips’ shape and color.

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Makeup trends may come and go, but the goal of achieving timeless beauty remains constant. Karen Betts, a leading permanent makeup artist, offers valuable insights into common makeup mistakes that can age individuals. By avoiding heavy winged eyeliner, embracing natural brow enhancements, and opting for subtle lip techniques, individuals can achieve a more youthful and confident appearance. Betts demonstrates that the power of makeup lies in its ability to enhance our natural features, empowering us to feel confident in our own skin.

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