Argo Blockchain Ownership Structure: Who Holds the Power?

25 December 2023

A closer look at the ownership breakdown of Argo Blockchain plc (LON:ARB) reveals the influence of individual investors and the potential impact on management decisions.

Argo Blockchain, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining industry, has garnered attention not only for its technological advancements but also for its unique ownership structure. With individual investors owning 54% of the company, it is evident that the general public holds significant power in shaping the future of Argo Blockchain. This article delves into the ownership breakdown, analyzing the role of institutional investors, insiders, the general public, and private companies.

Ownership Breakdown: Understanding the Players

Institutional Ownership: Institutional investors, who often base their investment decisions on benchmark indexes, hold 38% of Argo Blockchain’s stock. This indicates a level of credibility among professional investors. However, it is important to note that institutional ownership does not guarantee success, as institutions can make poor investment choices. The risk of a “crowded trade” is also present when multiple institutions own a stock, potentially leading to a rapid sell-off if the trade goes wrong.

Hedge Fund Ownership: Hedge funds have a minimal stake in Argo Blockchain, suggesting that this group of investors has not shown significant interest in the company.

Insider Ownership: Insiders, including board members and top-level managers, hold less than 1% of Argo Blockchain in their own names. While insider ownership can demonstrate alignment with shareholders’ interests, the low level of insider ownership in this case raises questions about the extent of their commitment to the company’s success.

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General Public Ownership: The general public, including retail investors, holds the largest stake in Argo Blockchain at 54%. This level of ownership gives individual investors the power to influence key policy decisions, such as board composition, executive compensation, and dividend payouts. It highlights the potential for the wider public to shape the company’s direction.

Private Company Ownership: Private companies hold 7.6% of Argo Blockchain’s shares. Further exploration into these private companies could reveal strategic interests or related parties with indirect ownership, which should be disclosed in the company’s annual report.

Conclusion: The ownership breakdown of Argo Blockchain reflects a unique landscape where individual investors have a significant say in the company’s governance and management decisions. With 54% ownership, the general public holds the power to influence the direction of the company. While institutional investors bring credibility, their influence may be tempered by the risk of crowded trades. The low level of insider ownership raises questions about the commitment of top-level management. Understanding the ownership structure is crucial for investors seeking to navigate the cryptocurrency mining industry and make informed decisions about Argo Blockchain’s future.

Disclaimer: This article by Simply Wall St provides an unbiased analysis based on historical data and analyst forecasts. It is not financial advice and does not recommend buying or selling any stock. Readers should conduct their own research and consider their objectives and financial situation. The analysis may not include the latest price-sensitive company announcements or qualitative material. Simply Wall St has no position in any stocks mentioned.

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