Auto-refill: A Day in the Skincare Routine of Esthetician Madalaina Conti

12 December 2023

Discover the daily skincare regimen of esthetician Madalaina Conti, known for her holistic approach to skincare and innovative treatments.

Esthetician Madalaina Conti has gained recognition for her unique approach to skincare, which focuses on the connection between inner health and the condition of the skin. With a background in film and broadcasting, Conti brings a creative and empathetic approach to her practice. In this article, we delve into Conti’s daily skincare routine, as she shares her favorite products and wellness rituals that keep her skin glowing and her body rejuvenated.

A Morning Ritual for Healthy Skin

7:00 AM – Conti starts her day by brushing her teeth, emphasizing the importance of oral health for overall well-being. She uses Revitin toothpaste, a probiotic formula that nourishes the oral microbiome. While brushing, she stands on a Medic Therapeutic Vibrating Platform to stimulate her lymphatic system. Hydration is key, so she follows up with a glass of water.

7:05 AM – Conti begins her skincare routine with the Qi Beauty Spritz, followed by IS Clinical Hydracool Serum for hydration and a radiant complexion. She then applies Tizo Complexion Brightener, which evens skin tone and reduces inflammation.

7:10 AM – To moisturize, Conti uses Tizo Daily Moisturizer, a non-pore-clogging formula. She then applies Tizo Tinted SPF for sun protection and the lightweight Tizo Eye Renewal cream with SPF 25.

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7:15 AM – If wearing makeup, Conti uses the Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Stick for under-eye coverage. For a natural glow, she applies IT Cosmetics CC Nude Glow foundation, Makeup by Mario Cream Bronze for bronzer, and Summer Fridays Blush Sticks. She finishes with Clear Brow Gel from RevitaLash Cosmetics and her choice of lip products.

Wellness and Nourishment

7:45 AM – Conti’s morning wellness routine includes a hydrogen and mineral slurry. She combines Water & Wellness Hydrogen tablets with Quinton Hypertonic ampoule. She also takes Quinton Isotonic ampoule under her tongue. Afterward, she enjoys a smoothie with Sakara Metabolism Super Powder, Vega Chocolate Protein, banana, and almond milk.

8:00 AM – Conti sets up her studio, checks emails, and reviews client notes. She enjoys a matcha latte while working, ensuring she doesn’t consume caffeine on an empty stomach.

Unwinding and Nighttime Skincare

8:30 PM – After a long day of work, Conti focuses on unwinding and turning off her brain. She starts with a shower, using a Goop dry brush before washing her hair and body with OWAY products.

9:00 PM – For evening oral care, Conti brushes her teeth with Revitin, flosses, and uses a WaterPik.

9:05 PM – Conti removes the day’s impurities with Bioderma Micellar Water, followed by cleansing with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex. She uses Sofie Pavitt Mandelic Clearing Serum, Tizo Daily Moisturizer, and Face Reality Peptide Eye Gel. Weekly, she incorporates iS Clinical Active Peel Pads and Qi Beauty Home Kit into her routine. She then stretches on an Inversion Table.

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9:30 PM – Conti enjoys a cup of Peppermint Allegro tea while watching TV. She uses a full-body Platinum LED panel for 20 minutes to boost cellular activity and relax before bed.


Madalaina Conti’s skincare routine reflects her holistic approach to beauty and wellness. With a focus on nurturing the skin from within and using high-quality, multitasking products, Conti emphasizes the importance of consistency and simplicity in skincare. Her dedication to self-care and her commitment to helping her clients achieve healthy skin shine through in her daily rituals. As a testament to her belief in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and skin, Conti also incorporates various wellness practices into her routine. With her innovative treatments and dedication to holistic skincare, Conti continues to inspire and empower others to prioritize their well-being.

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