Auto-refill: Beauty Pro Bee Shapiro Shares Her Must-Have Products

22 November 2023

Bee Shapiro, founder of fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn, reveals her go-to beauty products that are so good, they’ll make you hit the “auto-refill” button at checkout.

As a renowned beauty writer for the New York Times, Bee Shapiro never anticipated becoming the founder of her own beauty brand. However, after struggling to find clean fragrance options during her pregnancy in 2013, she decided to launch Ellis Brooklyn in 2015. Shapiro’s journey from a disillusioned lawyer to a successful entrepreneur showcases her passion for clean ingredients and her dedication to creating coveted fragrances. In this article, Shapiro shares her favorite beauty products that are so exceptional, they’ll make you want to hit that little “auto-refill” box at checkout.

A Balanced Morning Routine

Shapiro’s mornings are often hectic, but she still manages to prioritize self-care. She starts with a quick meditation on the train and then jumps into the shower, using Bioderma body-gel wash, a family favorite. Afterward, she applies Myth body oil and uses her Ghd flat iron with Virtue oil on her hair. For her skin, Shapiro swears by Irene Forte’s skin-care serum and Ellis Brooklyn moisturizer. She finishes off her morning routine with Tatcha primer and Dior Forever velvet matte foundation.

Embracing a Minimalist Aesthetic

Shapiro believes in the shift towards a more minimalist aesthetic in the beauty industry. She finds it unrealistic to wear layers of makeup for an ultraglam look and appreciates the easy-to-achieve latte and “strawberry girl” aesthetics. Shapiro emphasizes the importance of feeling confident without excessive makeup and believes that beauty should be about enhancing one’s natural features.

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The Power of Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Shapiro applauds the beauty industry’s efforts to become more diverse and inclusive. She acknowledges the presence of numerous badass female founders and founders of color. While the industry is not perfect, Shapiro believes that progress is being made, and the beauty industry is actively working towards inclusivity.

Challenging Beauty Standards

For Shapiro, finding confidence is an ongoing journey that was amplified after becoming a mother. She now recognizes the potential and power of women in the world. Through her fragrance brand, Shapiro aims to bring creativity and awareness to the world of fragrance while challenging societal norms surrounding beauty.

Skincare and Makeup Preferences

Shapiro’s skincare routine focuses on brightening and soothing her skin. She loves products with shimmer and is particularly drawn to bergamot and musk fragrances. While she acknowledges the benefits of vitamin C, she believes that its effects are limited. Additionally, Shapiro shares her love for hydrafacials and the transformative power of a good hair colorist and stylist.


Bee Shapiro’s journey from a beauty writer to the founder of Ellis Brooklyn showcases her passion for clean ingredients and fragrance. Her morning routine reflects the importance of self-care and simplicity, while her thoughts on diversity and challenging beauty standards highlight the industry’s progress. Shapiro’s skincare and makeup preferences reveal her love for brightening products and shimmer. Through her brand, she aims to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty while enjoying the transformative power of fragrance.

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