Bobbi Brown Encourages a Positive Perspective on Aging

21 December 2023

The renowned makeup artist shares her insights on redefining the beauty industry’s approach to aging

Bobbi Brown, the esteemed makeup artist, has taken a stance against the term “anti-aging” and is on a mission to help people change their perception of aging. In a recent Instagram video, Brown shared three simple steps to rethink our relationship with getting older. Her fresh perspective has resonated with fans who appreciate her inclusive approach to beauty and self-acceptance. Let’s delve into Brown’s advice and explore the impact of her pro-aging philosophy.

Silence negative thoughts:

Brown emphasizes the importance of silencing the negative thoughts that often plague individuals as they age. She encourages people to let go of the belief that youthfulness is the only measure of beauty. Instead, she urges individuals to embrace their lines and wrinkles as a testament to a life well-lived. By shifting our mindset, we can appreciate the unique beauty that comes with age.

Banish the phrase “anti-aging”:

The makeup artist challenges the beauty industry’s reliance on the term “anti-aging.” Brown believes that looking better should be the focus, rather than attempting to turn back the clock. By reframing our approach to beauty, we can celebrate the natural aging process and embrace the changes that come with it. This shift in perspective allows individuals to prioritize self-care and enhance their appearance in a way that feels authentic and empowering.

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Change your makeup routine:

Brown advises adjusting our makeup routine to accommodate the changing needs of our skin as we age. She recommends incorporating products that provide moisture and hydration, which can help plump and soften any lines or wrinkles. By adapting our makeup choices to suit our evolving skin, we can enhance our natural beauty and feel confident at any age.

Bobbi Brown’s pro-aging philosophy:

As the founder of her eponymous makeup brand, Brown is committed to championing positivity and health in the beauty industry. She acknowledges that the language surrounding aging needs to be reevaluated and seeks input from her audience to create a more inclusive and uplifting narrative. Brown’s goal is to create a space where women of all ages can feel seen and celebrated.

Reactions from followers:

Brown’s message has garnered support from her followers, who commend her for challenging societal norms and promoting a positive perspective on aging. Many expressed gratitude for her role in changing the way society views getting older. By embracing aging as a blessing, individuals can shift their mindset and embrace their authentic selves.


Bobbi Brown’s refreshing approach to aging challenges the beauty industry’s obsession with youthfulness. By silencing negative thoughts, banishing the phrase “anti-aging,” and adapting our makeup routine, we can redefine our relationship with getting older. Brown’s pro-aging philosophy encourages individuals to embrace their natural beauty and appreciate the journey of aging. As the conversation around aging continues to evolve, Brown’s commitment to positivity and inclusivity serves as a guiding light for the beauty industry and beyond.

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