Body Catalyst Plunges into Administration as Cost of Living Impacts Australians

12 December 2023

Leading body shaping and wellness chain faces financial uncertainty amidst economic pressures

Catalyst, a prominent non-surgical cosmetic chain with 29 clinics across Australia, has entered administration due to the financial strain caused by the rising cost of living. The company’s administrators will meet with creditors next week to assess its financial viability. This development highlights the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate and raises questions about the future of the company and its impact on the industry.


Financial Viability Under Scrutiny

Alan Walker and Glenn Livingstone from WLP Restructuring have been appointed as administrators for Body Catalyst. They will convene a meeting with creditors on December 19 to discuss the company’s financial situation. Among the attendees will be Scentre Group, the owner of Westfield, as 10 Body Catalyst stores are located in shopping centers across the east coast. Landlords, the Australian Taxation Office, and suppliers are also expected to participate in the meeting, which will determine whether additional store closures are necessary.

Operating Amidst Uncertainty

While administrators assess the company’s financial position, Body Catalyst will continue to operate. The administrators aim to restructure the business in order to save jobs and as many clinics as possible. However, the company has struggled due to the increasing cost of living, which has led households to prioritize essential expenses over cosmetic procedures. Additionally, fixed overhead costs have added to the financial burden faced by Body Catalyst.

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Services and Pricing

Catalyst offers a range of services to its clients, including cryolipolysis fat freezing, cellulite reduction, skin tightening treatments, and muscle defining treatments. These treatments come at a price, ranging from hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The company also offers a membership program, allowing clients to access exclusive offers and discounted treatments for a weekly fee of $59.

Founder’s Vision and Leadership Change

Catalyst was founded in 2015 by Samantha Barakat Light, who was inspired by the benefits of cryolipolysis. The non-invasive method of freezing fat gained popularity as a means of permanently reducing stubborn body fat. Ms. Barakat Light’s vision was to make this technology accessible to everyone, which she achieved through the establishment of Body Catalyst. However, she stepped down as CEO in May 2021, taking on a behind-the-scenes role to focus on the company’s strategy. Badia Kita has assumed the position of CEO, overseeing the company’s operations and expansion.

Conclusion: The current economic climate in Australia has put pressure on businesses across various sectors, and Body Catalyst is no exception. The company’s entry into administration reflects the challenges faced by non-surgical cosmetic chains amidst rising living costs. The outcome of the creditors’ meeting will determine the future of Body Catalyst and its impact on the industry. As Australians continue to navigate the financial implications of the cost of living, businesses must adapt to changing consumer priorities to remain viable in the market.

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