Cardi B Defends Her Gym Routine Amid Criticism of Plastic Surgery

24 November 2023

The Grammy-winning rapper hits back at critics who question her commitment to fitness after undergoing plastic surgery.

Cardi B, the renowned rapper and social media influencer, is no stranger to controversy. Recently, she found herself defending her gym routine against critics who accused her and other celebrities of relying on plastic surgery instead of putting in the work. In a fiery response, Cardi B explained the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy body and addressed the misconception surrounding her own procedures. This incident sheds light on the complex relationship between plastic surgery, fitness, and body image in the entertainment industry.

1: The Perceived Contradiction

Cardi B’s dedication to fitness has often been questioned due to her openness about undergoing plastic surgery. Critics argue that celebrities who have had surgical enhancements shouldn’t portray themselves as fitness enthusiasts. The controversy stems from the belief that these individuals use surgery as a shortcut to achieve their desired appearance, rather than putting in the effort at the gym. However, Cardi B is determined to dispel this notion and clarify her stance.

2: Cardi B’s Response

In response to a social media user’s criticism, Cardi B took to X (formerly Twitter) to defend herself and other influencers. She highlighted the misconception that surgery alone can maintain a desired physique. Cardi B emphasized her goal of gaining muscle rather than losing weight, explaining that she struggles to maintain fat due to her body type. She also introduced the concept of visceral fat, which cannot be removed through surgery and can only be reduced through exercise.

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3: Understanding Visceral Fat

Visceral fat, as explained by Mayo Clinic, is the fat that accumulates around the organs in the abdominal area. It is associated with a higher risk of serious health problems. Cardi B’s mention of visceral fat aims to educate her followers and the public about the importance of addressing this type of fat through physical activity, regardless of any surgical enhancements one may have undergone.

4: Cardi B’s Fitness Journey

Cardi B has been candid about her experiences with plastic surgery and her desire to maintain her figure through exercise. In 2019, she vowed to prioritize working out after facing challenges during her recovery from a procedure. This commitment to fitness reflects her determination to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, even in the face of societal pressures and expectations.

5: The Importance of Exercise

Cardi B’s explanation of her gym routine highlights the significance of exercise beyond weight loss. She emphasizes the desire for toned muscles and the inability to purchase such results through surgery. Her message serves as a reminder that physical fitness encompasses more than just appearance—it is essential for overall well-being and combating health risks associated with excess visceral fat.


Cardi B’s response to criticism regarding her gym routine and plastic surgery sheds light on the complex relationship between body image, fitness, and surgical enhancements in the entertainment industry. By addressing the misconception surrounding her own procedures and emphasizing the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy body, Cardi B challenges societal norms and encourages her followers to prioritize their well-being. This incident serves as a reminder that true fitness goes beyond appearances and requires dedication, regardless of any surgical enhancements one may have undergone.

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