Caroline Stanbury’s Husband Overwhelmed by Her Facelift: A Touching Social Media Moment

24 November 2023

Sergio Carrallo’s emotional reaction to his wife’s facelift showcases the couple’s love and support for each other.

Caroline Stanbury, star of “Real Housewives of Dubai,” recently underwent a facelift, and her husband, Sergio Carrallo, shared his tearful reaction on social media. The former soccer player recorded himself seeing Stanbury for the first time post-op, and his emotional response touched the hearts of many. This touching moment highlights the couple’s love and support for each other as they navigate the world of cosmetic enhancements.

1: A Husband’s Love and Emotional Reaction

Carrallo’s tearful reaction to seeing his wife after her facelift showcases the depth of their love and the emotional journey they embarked on together. In the video, Carrallo’s eyes immediately well up as he sees Stanbury with bandages wrapped around her face and head. Overwhelmed with emotion, he expresses his love for her, demonstrating the strength of their bond.

2: Stanbury’s Healing Journey

The social media clip also captures Stanbury’s healing journey post-surgery. It shows her drainage of fluids and the removal of stitches and staples, giving viewers a glimpse into the recovery process. Despite the initial shock and pain, Stanbury remains positive, stating that her skin looks amazing and expressing her happiness with the results.

3: Carrallo’s Support and Pride

Carrallo, in an Instagram caption, opens up about the difficulty of seeing his wife suffer and being there for her during the recovery process. He admits that he was initially against the idea of the facelift but supported Stanbury’s decision because it was something she truly wanted. The athlete expresses his pride in Stanbury for how she handled the recovery process and compliments her on her beauty.

4: Stanbury’s Contentment and Humor

After two weeks, Stanbury raves about her happiness with the results of her procedure. She emphasizes how amazing the body’s healing process is and expresses gratitude for the positive outcome. In a lighthearted comment, Carrallo jokes about being the oldest in the relationship now that Stanbury looks younger and more refreshed.


Caroline Stanbury’s husband, Sergio Carrallo, shared a vulnerable and emotional moment on social media when he saw his wife for the first time after her facelift. This touching display of love and support highlights the strength of their relationship. Stanbury’s healing journey and ultimate satisfaction with the results further demonstrate the positive impact of cosmetic enhancements when approached with careful consideration. As the couple continues to navigate their lives in the public eye, their story serves as a reminder of the power of love and unwavering support.

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