Celebrities Embrace Southern Chic and Experimental Beauty Looks at NYFW and Super Bowl Weekend

14 February 2024

Matte finishes, messy hairstyles, and bold makeup choices redefine beauty trends at star-studded events

This past weekend, as New York Fashion Week (NYFW) coincided with the Super Bowl, celebrities took the opportunity to showcase their unique and experimental beauty looks. Departing from the traditional porcelain skin and sleek hairstyles, these stars embraced a Southern chic aesthetic, channeling the rockstar essence of the ’80s. From matte finishes to messy hairstyles, the weekend was filled with bold choices that redefined beauty trends. Let’s dive into the captivating beauty moments that caught our attention and had us reaching for the double-tap.

Chloe and Halle Bailey’s Matching Nude Nails and Spiraled Locs

Sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey stole the spotlight at an intimate Pandora dinner in New York with their coordinated beauty looks. Both opted for matching nude nails and spiraled locs, showcasing the beauty of natural hair. Chloe chose a classic lined lip with a nude gloss, complemented by white-toned eyeshadows and concealed eyebrows. Meanwhile, Halle, who recently became a mother, sported a cherry red lip stain that added a touch of vibrancy to her overall look.

Beyoncé’s Viral Super Bowl Beauty Look

Beyoncé, the queen of pop, once again captivated the internet with her Super Bowl beauty look. Her voluminous blonde hair, styled with products from her Cecréd hair line, exuded glamour and sophistication. To complement her radiant locks, Beyoncé opted for a coral peach lipstick, adding a pop of color to her ensemble. A cool brown lip shader completed the look, showcasing her ability to effortlessly combine classic and contemporary elements.

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JT’s Neon Pink Lipstick and Dual-Toned Eyeshadow

CityGirls’ JT embraced an experimental approach to her beauty look, opting for a smudged neon pink lipstick that added a vibrant touch to her appearance. She paired this bold lip choice with dual-toned eyeshadow and a metallic corner, creating a striking contrast that commanded attention. JT’s fearless embrace of unconventional beauty choices exemplified the spirit of the weekend, where creativity and self-expression took center stage.

Lizzo’s Southern Rock Mullet and Pigmented Blush

Lizzo, known for her unapologetic style, sported a Southern rock mullet hairstyle during her trip to Las Vegas. Taking her look a step further, she dyed her mullet red for the Super Bowl, showcasing her penchant for daring transformations. To complete her beauty look, Lizzo opted for pigmented blush that accentuated her features and added a touch of playfulness to her overall appearance. Her fearless approach to beauty exemplified the spirit of the weekend, where individuality and self-expression reigned supreme.


NYFW and Super Bowl weekend provided a platform for celebrities to redefine beauty trends and showcase their creativity. From Chloe and Halle Bailey’s coordinated nude nails and spiraled locs to Beyoncé’s viral Super Bowl beauty look, these stars embraced a Southern chic aesthetic that harkened back to the rockstar essence of the ’80s. JT and Lizzo, on the other hand, took a more experimental route, with bold lip choices, vibrant eyeshadows, and daring hairstyles. These beauty moments not only captivated our attention but also inspired us to embrace our own individuality and express ourselves fearlessly. As the weekend came to a close, it was clear that the boundaries of beauty had been pushed, leaving us excited for what the future holds in the world of beauty and self-expression.

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