Celebrity Beauty and Skincare Brands: Empowering Individuals Through Authenticity

12 December 2023

Indian celebrities venture into the realm of skincare, creating brands that celebrate individuality and empower consumers to enhance their natural beauty.

The rise of celebrity beauty skincare brands in India signifies a cultural shift where public figures are not only admired for their on-screen personas but also revered for their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to promoting well-being. These brands are an extension of the celebrities’ personal journeys and beliefs, often rooted in their own experiences, cultural heritage, and commitment to authenticity. The following is a list of four celebrity beauty and skincare brands that have made a significant impact in the industry.

Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif: Embracing Natural Beauty with Glamour and Simplicity
Kay Beauty, founded by Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, epitomizes the fusion of glamour and simplicity. Inspired by her own journey in the entertainment industry, Kay Beauty offers a range of products designed to enhance natural beauty. With a focus on inclusivity and versatility, the brand celebrates individuality and offers high-quality formulations that cater to diverse skin tones.

Starstruck By Sunny Leone: Celebrating Self-Expression and Individuality
Starstruck, a beauty and skincare brand founded by Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, encourages self-expression and individuality. With a focus on vibrant colors and bold formulations, Starstruck inspires consumers to embrace their inner creativity and experiment with their looks. The brand’s diverse product range caters to a wide range of makeup enthusiasts.

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82ºE By Deepika Padukone: Blending Science and Spirit for Luxury Skincare
Deepika Padukone’s luxury skincare brand, 82ºE, has experienced significant growth since its launch. Starting with sunscreen, serums, and moisturizers, the brand bet big on influencer and performance marketing to spread the word. Touted as a blend of science and spirit, 82ºE caught attention when Deepika’s Pathaan co-star, Shah Rukh Khan, used her entire range in an Instagram video. With a slightly more premium price point, 82ºE has managed to win the hearts of consumers who swear by its efficacy.

Love Child By Masaba Gupta: Playful and Colorful Beauty for the Fashion-Forward
Designer and actor Masaba Gupta launched her beauty brand, Love Child, as an extension of her fashion brand. Starting with lipsticks, Love Child has now expanded to include a range of beauty products. The brand exudes a playful and colorful vibe that aligns perfectly with Masaba’s aesthetic. From face mists to nail colors, primers to illuminating creams, and lip tints, Masaba is taking over the beauty industry one colorful makeup product at a time.


The emergence of celebrity beauty and skincare brands in India reflects a cultural shift where public figures are not only admired for their talent but also respected for their entrepreneurial endeavors. These brands go beyond aesthetics, empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty while celebrating their uniqueness. From Katrina Kaif’s Kay Beauty to Sunny Leone’s Starstruck, Deepika Padukone’s 82ºE, and Masaba Gupta’s Love Child, each brand offers a distinct perspective and product range that resonates with consumers. As these celebrity brands continue to make an impact, they inspire individuals to explore their own beauty journeys and find empowerment through authenticity.

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