Celebrity Beauty Looks: A Weekend of Posh and Proper Glam

8 February 2024

From fairy-like beauty to pre-Grammy gala glam, celebrities showcased stunning beauty looks over the weekend.

This past weekend, celebrities graced our screens and social media feeds with a plethora of head-turning beauty moments. From ethereal fairy-like beauty to sophisticated pre-Grammy gala glam, these looks have set the tone for upcoming awards shows, cocktail parties, and fashion weeks. Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of celebrity beauty and explore the trends that captivated us.

Ice Spice’s Opalescent Glow and Swooped-Bangs

Rapper Ice Spice caught our attention with a stunning beauty look that seamlessly blended two trends. Her opalescent, shimmery cheeks added a touch of fairy-like magic, while her silk press with swooped-bangs exuded elegance. This unique combination of elements showcased Ice Spice’s creativity and individuality.

Saweetie and Tyla’s Sparkly Pale Pink Glam

Artists Saweetie and Tyla embraced the posh and proper trend with their sparkly pale pink makeup looks. Body glitter and contoured blush added a touch of glamour to their overall appearance. These celebrities demonstrated how a soft and feminine color palette can create a sophisticated and enchanting effect.

Keke Palmer’s Pink Nails and Soft Lips

Keke Palmer channeled Ice Spice’s beauty aesthetic, opting for pink nail polish, warm eyeshadows, and soft lips. Her look exuded a sense of playfulness and femininity, while the fluffy lashes added a touch of glamour. Keke Palmer showcased how to effortlessly combine different elements to create a cohesive and stunning beauty look.

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Pre-Grammy Gala Glam: Muted Accords and Personalized Touches

The pre-Grammy gala saw celebrities embracing a more muted color palette, with brown-toned makeup looks taking center stage. Victoria Monét, Coco Jones, and Kelly Rowland showcased their unique interpretations of this trend, each adding their personalized touch. Chloe Bailey’s white-filled wing and Halle Bailey’s matte nude lipstick added subtle variations to the overall theme. The hairstyles also played a crucial role in completing the looks, with Tracee Ellis Ross rocking a slicked-back blunt bob and CityGirl JT opting for a diva-pumped hair-wrapped ponytail.


This weekend’s celebrity beauty looks left us in awe, showcasing the power of makeup and hairstyling to transform and captivate. From the ethereal fairy-like beauty to the sophisticated pre-Grammy gala glam, each look exuded its unique charm and personality. As we look forward to upcoming events, these beauty moments serve as inspiration for our own glamorous endeavors. Let’s embrace the posh and proper, adding our personal touch to create stunning beauty looks that turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

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