Celebrity Beauty Moments: A Weekend of Diverse Looks and Influencer Inspiration

12 December 2023

From edgy to innocent, celebrities and influencers showcased a range of beauty looks at Art Basel

Last weekend, as celebrities took a break from the red carpet, influencers flocked to Miami for Art Basel, bringing with them a plethora of captivating beauty looks. From light blushes to braided hairdos, French tips to edgy liners, and angled brows, social media feeds were ablaze with stunning and diverse makeup and hair styles. Whether opting for a relaxed and natural aesthetic or pushing the boundaries with provocative looks, these beauty moments left us in awe. Let’s dive into seven must-see celebrity beauty moments from the weekend.

Lizzo’s Subtle Elegance

Lizzo, known for her bold and empowering presence, surprised us with a more relaxed beauty look. She sported just a kiss of red blush, allowing her natural radiance to shine through. This understated elegance showcased her effortless beauty and served as a reminder that sometimes less is more.

Tokischa’s Provocative Edge

Tokischa made a statement with her pin-thin eyeliner and spiked brow. Her provocative beauty look exuded confidence and pushed the boundaries of traditional makeup. With sharp lines and a fierce gaze, Tokischa showcased her unique style and fearlessness in experimenting with edgy looks.

Tems’ Hardcore Beauty

Tems embraced a hardcore beauty look, channeling a ’90s bad gal mood. Her dark, angled eyebrows and black lined lips added an element of rebellion to her overall appearance. With her striking features, Tems proved that bold choices can create a powerful impact and express individuality.

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Tinashe’s Innocent Charm

Tinashe opted for an innocent “baby angel” beauty look, radiating charm and sweetness. Her freckles peeked through light-toned blush, adding a touch of natural beauty to her face. Separated eyelashes drew attention to the sparkle in her eye, completing her innocent yet captivating aesthetic.

Hair Inspiration from Tinashe, Tems, and Jayda Cheaves

When it came to hair, Tinashe’s blonde braids, Tems’ silk pressed hair, and Jayda Cheaves’ double buns stole the show. Each of these artists showcased different styles, proving that there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to hairdos. Whether opting for a sleek and polished look or playful and trendy styles, these celebrities ignited our creativity.

French Tips and Square-Shaped Nails

Jodie Woods, Tinashe, and Jayda Cheaves all embraced square-shaped nails with a French tip, showcasing timeless elegance with a modern twist. This classic manicure choice added sophistication to their overall beauty looks, proving that sometimes simplicity can make a powerful statement.

Goya’s Matte Nude Look

Goya opted for a matte nude look, exuding understated beauty and sophistication. This choice allowed her natural features to shine through, emphasizing her effortless style and timeless elegance. Goya’s minimalist approach demonstrated that sometimes a subtle touch is all it takes to create a stunning beauty moment.

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The weekend at Art Basel was filled with an array of beauty moments that captivated and inspired. From Lizzo’s subtle elegance to Tokischa’s provocative edge, each celebrity showcased their unique style and pushed the boundaries of traditional beauty norms. Tinashe, Tems, and Jayda Cheaves provided hair inspiration with their diverse and trendy hairdos. Whether opting for classic French tips or square-shaped nails, Jodie Woods, Tinashe, and Jayda Cheaves proved that nail art is a versatile form of self-expression. Goya’s matte nude look reminded us of the power of simplicity and natural beauty. The weekend’s beauty moments left us with a sense of awe and excitement, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie within the world of makeup and hair.

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