Celebrity Beauty Moments Steal the Spotlight at Haute Couture Week in Paris

29 January 2024

From front row beauty looks to trend sightings, the chicest week of the month left us with much to talk about.

This week, the world of celebrity beauty was abuzz with the glamour and excitement of haute couture week in Paris. As fashion’s elite gathered to witness the latest collections from renowned designers, it was the stunning beauty moments of the celebrities in attendance that truly stole the show. From bold brows to luminous cheeks, these A-listers showcased their impeccable style and left us all inspired. Let’s dive into the most memorable celebrity beauty moments from this haute couture week.

Zendaya’s Angled-Bang Moment and the Return of Full Brows

Zendaya, the beloved star of “Euphoria,” graced the front row of the Schiaparelli show with her presence. Sporting a chic short angled-bang hairstyle, Zendaya’s look was a perfect blend of edgy and elegant. However, it was her full brows that truly caught the attention of beauty enthusiasts. Confirming that full brows are back in style, Zendaya’s bold and well-groomed brows set a trend that was seconded by Imaan Hammam and Jordyn Woods, both of whom complemented their fluffed browbones with silky, out-of-face hair looks. The return of full brows signals a departure from the overly plucked and thin brow trend of the past, embracing a more natural and expressive look.

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Naomi Campbell’s Timeless Beauty Look at Chanel

No fashion week is complete without the iconic presence of supermodel Naomi Campbell. At the Chanel show, Campbell exuded timeless beauty with her classic makeup look. Adorned with gold-shimmer shadows and perfectly blended lip lines, she epitomized elegance and sophistication. Campbell’s beauty look served as a reminder that sometimes, simplicity is the key to making a lasting impression.

Halle Bailey’s Motherhood Glow and Luminous Cheeks

While the fashion world was captivated by the haute couture shows in Paris, Halle Bailey showcased her radiant beauty from the comfort of her own home. The actress and singer, known for her upcoming role as Ariel in Disney’s live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” radiated a motherhood glow that was impossible to ignore. Her luminous cheeks added a touch of ethereal beauty to her overall look. Sabrina Elba and singer PinkPatheress also embraced this trend, opting for glowing cheeks that added a youthful and fresh touch to their appearances. The luminous cheek trend is a testament to the power of a healthy and radiant complexion.


Haute couture week in Paris brought forth a plethora of stunning celebrity beauty moments that left us in awe. From Zendaya’s bold brows to Naomi Campbell’s timeless elegance, these A-listers proved that beauty is an integral part of the fashion world. Whether it’s embracing natural and expressive brows or opting for a luminous complexion, these beauty trends are sure to inspire and captivate beauty enthusiasts around the world. As we bid adieu to this glamorous week, we eagerly await the next fashion event that will undoubtedly bring forth even more breathtaking celebrity beauty moments.

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