Celebrity Brand Launches of 2023: A Star-Studded Revolution in the Beauty Industry

28 December 2023

A comprehensive look at the latest celebrity-led beauty ventures that have captivated consumers and transformed the self-care landscape.

2023 has proven to be a year of unprecedented celebrity brand launches, as A-listers from various fields enter the realm of entrepreneurship. From Hollywood actors to musicians and sports stars, celebrities are making their mark in the beauty industry with innovative and captivating products. These ventures are not just about capitalizing on their fame; they represent a new era of self-expression and empowerment. In this article, we will explore 11 celebrity-led beauty brands that have taken the industry by storm, offering unique perspectives, high-quality products, and a touch of star power.

Hilary Duff’s Below 60°: Nature’s Embrace

Creating a cozy and toxin-free home ambiance with natural home fragrance products.

In November 2023, Hilary Duff made her foray into the beauty industry with Below 60°: Nature’s Embrace. This brand focuses on natural home fragrance products, aiming to create a cozy and toxin-free environment, especially for mindful moms. From scented candles to room sprays, Below 60° offers a range of products that bring a breath of fresh air into every home.

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Expansion: A Fragrant Symphony For Self-Care

Extending the Rare Beauty line with scented self-care products that transcend traditional beauty boundaries.

As 2023 drew to a close, Selena Gomez expanded her successful Rare Beauty line with Find Comfort. This collection goes beyond traditional cosmetics, offering a fragrant symphony of scented self-care products. From a refreshing mist to a nourishing hand cream, a luxurious body lotion, and an aromatherapy pen, Find Comfort is all about infusing daily rituals with a touch of luxury and self-care.

Vanessa Hudgens’ KNOW Beauty: Recipe For Glacial Glow

Revolutionizing skincare with the Glacial Bay Clay Mask, sourced from British Columbia’s active glaciers.

In 2023, Vanessa Hudgens revamped her beauty brand, KNOW Beauty, and introduced the hero product, the Glacial Bay Clay Mask. This mask, infused with mineral-rich clay sourced from British Columbia’s active glaciers, is designed for those with acne-prone skin. With an exclusive presence in the U.S., KNOW Beauty is already making waves in the beauty world, offering a unique and effective solution for skincare enthusiasts.

Karan Johar’s Pout Collection: A Welcome Surprise

Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar enters the beauty industry with a show-stopping line of lipsticks.

Karan Johar, known for his larger-than-life presence in Bollywood, surprised his fans by launching his own line of lipsticks, the Pout Collection. Teaming up with MyGlamm, Karan Johar’s collection reflects his signature OTT style and Bollywood charisma. With a range of pigmented and plumping lipsticks, the Pout Collection is a fusion of beauty prowess and Bollywood glamour.

Katy Perry x Peeps: Sweet Style Collaboration

Katy Perry collaborates with Peeps to bring a burst of color and playfulness to her shoewear brand.

In a sweet style collaboration, Katy Perry joined forces with candymakers Peeps for her namesake shoewear brand, Katy Perry Collections. The collaboration introduced two new styles, including a twist on the KPC Geli sandal adorned with a glittery Peep bunny motif. Celebrating Easter vibes, Katy Perry brought a burst of color, playfulness, and iconic motifs to our footwear collection.

Sofia Vergara’s Toty: Radiant Glow Under the Sun’s Embrace

Sofia Vergara introduces Toty, a brand that seamlessly blends skincare and makeup for sunproof glamour.

In the dawn of 2023, Sofia Vergara graced the beauty scene with Toty, a brand that blurs the lines between skincare and makeup. The debut lineup features a sun-friendly makeup compact, a mineral-infused sunscreen, and a CC cream. Toty is not just a beauty regimen; it’s Sofia’s gift of sunproof products with the finish of makeup, allowing consumers to bask in the sun’s embrace while ensuring their glam game stays on point.

Khloé Kardashian X Fabletics: Defiant and Confident Athleisure

Khloé Kardashian collaborates with Fabletics to create a statement-making athleisure line.

Khloé Kardashian, known for her confidence and defiance, joined forces with Fabletics for a campaign that uplifts others through fashion. The collection offers sexy and versatile pieces that make a statement, reflecting Khloé’s empowerment and personal style. It’s not just athleisure; it’s a representation of strength and self-expression.

Venus Williams x Reinstein Ross: Diamond Match Collection

Tennis superstar Venus Williams crafts a stunning jewelry collection with Reinstein Ross.

For those looking to elevate their jewelry game, Venus Williams’ Diamond Match Collection for Reinstein Ross is a must-see. As the Designer in Residence, Venus Williams created a stunning array of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings made of 20K peach gold and diamonds in a Pavé setting. The collection embodies sporty elegance and offers a perfect blend of sophistication and style.

Skechers X Doja Cat: Rugged Modern Sneaker Chic

Doja Cat collaborates with Skechers to create a collection of vibrant and iconic sneakers.

Doja Cat, Skechers’ inaugural artist-in-residence, unveiled her first-ever sneaker collection in 2023. Her designs, inspired by iconic sneaker styles, feature mixed fabrics, vibrant colorways, and a signature Doja Cat x Skechers logo. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a piece of history that brings a rugged modern chicness to the sneaker world.

John Legend’s LOVEDº1: Skincare Serenade for Darker Tones

John Legend introduces LOVEDº1, a skincare line tailored for darker skin tones.

In the symphony of beauty, John Legend kick-started 2023 with LOVEDº1, a skincare line specifically tailored for darker skin tones. Addressing the specific needs of melanin-rich skin, this affordable range includes essentials like moisturizers and shave creams. LOVEDº1 is not just a skincare line; it’s a serenade to self-love and care, empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Kriti Sanon’s Hyphen: Embracing Simplicity with Eco-Chic Elegance

Kriti Sanon introduces Hyphen, a brand that champions simplicity and eco-consciousness in skincare.

Making her mark in the beauty domain, Kriti Sanon introduced Hyphen, a brand that embraces simplicity and effectiveness. With an inexpensive range and an eco-conscious commitment, Hyphen redefines skincare routines with a minimalist, glycerin-centric approach. In Kriti’s world, beauty doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be achieved with elegance and eco-consciousness.


2023 has witnessed a wave of celebrity brand launches in the beauty industry, with A-listers from diverse fields stepping into their entrepreneur era. From natural home fragrances to scented self-care products, innovative skincare solutions, and empowering athleisure lines, these celebrity-led ventures are redefining the beauty landscape. With their star power, unique perspectives, and commitment to quality, these brands have captivated consumers and transformed the way we approach self-care. As celebrities continue to explore their entrepreneurial passions, the beauty industry can expect even more exciting and groundbreaking collaborations in the years to come.

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