Chemical Peel, Botox Combination May Optimize Skin Appearance Outcomes

29 January 2024

Study shows that combining chemical peels and neurotoxins can maximize the benefits for correcting skin pigmentation, tonality, and texture.

Correcting skin imperfections has long been a goal for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance. While chemical peels and neurotoxins have been used independently to address various skin concerns, a recent study suggests that combining these two treatments may yield even better results. The study, conducted by Dr. Wendy E. Roberts and Nancy Miller of Generational & Cosmetic Dermatology in Rancho Mirage, California, aimed to determine whether combining chemical peels and neurotoxins could improve patient outcomes without causing additional side effects. The results were promising, showing significant improvements in wrinkle severity, pigmentation, and skin tone, as well as high patient satisfaction rates.

The Study Design and Participants

The study involved 24 participants between the ages of 30 and 70, with over 69% identifying as having skin of color. Each participant received a VI Peel, which was applied in multiple layers at one-minute intervals. Immediately following the chemical peel, Botox injections were administered. The researchers aimed to assess the effects of this combination treatment on wrinkle severity, pigmentation, and skin tone.

Significant Improvements in Wrinkle Severity, Pigmentation, and Skin Tone

The results of the study were promising, with participants experiencing significant improvements in various skin concerns. The Wrinkle Severity Scale scores decreased by 60%, indicating a substantial improvement in wrinkle severity. The Uniformity of Pigment Scale scores also showed a 59% improvement, suggesting a reduction in pigmentation irregularities. Additionally, the Skin Tone Scale scores demonstrated a remarkable 70% improvement, indicating enhanced overall skin tone.

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Subjective Reports of Patient Satisfaction

In addition to objective measurements, the study also included subjective reports from participants regarding their satisfaction with their skin’s appearance. Participants rated their satisfaction with sunspots, wrinkles, and texture on a scale from 1 (least satisfied) to 10 (most satisfied). After just seven days of treatment, there was a notable increase in satisfaction levels for all three categories. By day 30, an impressive 96% of respondents expressed their willingness to repeat the treatment, and 100% reported that their skin looked better.

Safety and Side Effects

One crucial aspect of the study was assessing the safety and potential side effects of the combination treatment. The researchers reported no adverse events or serious adverse events associated with the treatment. This finding suggests that the combination of chemical peels and neurotoxins is a safe and well-tolerated option for improving skin appearance.

The Success of the Combination Treatment

The success of the combination treatment can be attributed to the complementary effects of the two procedures. The VI Peel served as a preparatory step, cleansing and prepping the skin for the subsequent Botox injections. This combination approach not only provides more effective and longer-lasting results but also ensures a safer treatment experience for patients.


The study conducted by Dr. Wendy E. Roberts and Nancy Miller demonstrates that combining chemical peels and neurotoxins can yield significant improvements in wrinkle severity, pigmentation, and skin tone. The results of the study indicate that this combination treatment is safe, well-tolerated, and highly satisfactory for patients. By offering a more comprehensive approach to addressing skin concerns, this innovative treatment option may revolutionize the field of cosmetic dermatology. As patients continue to seek effective and long-lasting solutions for their skin imperfections, the combination of chemical peels and neurotoxins may prove to be a game-changer in optimizing skin appearance outcomes.

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