CMO of Blueprint Embarks on 30-Day Trial of Biohacker Millionaire’s Anti-Aging Regimen

27 December 2023

Kate Tolo, the Chief Marketing Officer for Blueprint, puts herself to the test with the rigorous Blueprint diet, championed by biohacker millionaire Bryan Johnson, in a quest for eternal youth.

In the pursuit of eternal youth, Chief Marketing Officer for Blueprint, Kate Tolo, has taken on a 30-day trial of the highly demanding anti-aging regimen known as the Blueprint diet. Spearheaded by biohacker millionaire Bryan Johnson, this regimen requires strict adherence to a comprehensive set of dietary, exercise, and supplement protocols. With Johnson known to spend a staggering $2 million a year on his quest for eternal youth, Tolo’s journey promises to shed light on the potential benefits and challenges of this extreme anti-aging approach.

The Blueprint Diet: A Strict Anti-Aging Regimen

Johnson’s anti-aging routine is not for the faint-hearted. It involves consuming 80 vitamins and minerals daily, as well as 70 pounds of pureed vegetables each month. Additionally, adherents must follow a precise sleep schedule. Johnson himself claims that this regimen has given him the heart health of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness level of an 18-year-old. Intrigued by these claims, Tolo committed to the 30-day trial to see if she could achieve similar results.

Challenges and Triumphs: Tolo’s 30-Day Trial

Tolo’s 30-day trial of the Blueprint diet proved to be a demanding endeavor. With a daily intake of 1,700 calories of Blueprint food and the consumption of 60 supplement pills, she faced significant challenges. Balancing her work and social life while adhering to the program proved to be a struggle, leading to moments of depression. The intensity of the regimen, which included 13 minutes of high-intensity exercise and 39 minutes of moderate strength and flexibility training, tested her resolve.

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Reaping the Rewards: Improved Health Metrics

Despite the initial hardships, Tolo reported several undeniable benefits from her 30-day trial. One notable improvement was in her sleep quality. Baseline tests revealed physical capacities below her actual age, further motivating her to continue with the program. Most strikingly, her VO2 Max results, a key indicator of cardiovascular fitness, increased after the trial period. These positive health outcomes not only shed light on the potential benefits of the Blueprint diet but also highlight the challenges of integrating such a demanding health regimen into everyday life.


Kate Tolo’s 30-day trial of the Blueprint diet offers a glimpse into the world of extreme anti-aging regimens. While the rigorous protocols may yield positive health outcomes, they also bring significant challenges, both in terms of adherence and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Tolo’s journey serves as a reminder that achieving eternal youth requires a careful balance of dedication and practicality. As the pursuit of anti-aging continues, it is crucial to approach these regimens with caution and a critical eye.

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