Cosmetic Clinic Promotes Penis Fillers During ‘Grey Sweatpant Season’

9 December 2023

New York-based clinic capitalizes on men’s fashion trend to advertise girth enhancement procedure

As the winter season approaches, men around the world are donning grey sweatpants to stay warm. However, this fashion choice has sparked a social media trend known as “grey sweatpant season,” where men proudly display their visible outlines. Taking advantage of this trend, a cosmetic clinic in New York, Lushful Aesthetics, has seized the opportunity to promote their penis filler procedure. By linking the trend to their $4,000 ‘girth enhancement’ option, the clinic has ignited a debate about the ethics and safety of such procedures.

The Rise of Penis Fillers and Grey Sweatpant Season

Grey sweatpants season refers to the phenomenon of men wearing the cozy item during colder months, which often leads to a visible outline of their genitals. This trend gained traction on social media, with men proudly sharing pictures of themselves in grey sweatpants. Lushful Aesthetics cleverly capitalized on this trend by promoting their penis filler procedure, which aims to enhance girth and provide a more pronounced outline.

The Procedure and Controversies Surrounding It

Penis fillers, like other cosmetic fillers, involve injecting liquid into soft tissue to add volume and plump the desired area. Lushful Aesthetics offers a ‘girth enhancement’ option priced at $4,000, with additional syringes costing up to $700 each. The clinic claims that the procedure does not affect erect length but prevents full retraction when flaccid, purely for aesthetic purposes.

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However, medical professionals have raised concerns about the safety and effectiveness of penis fillers. Some men have experienced severe reactions, requiring skin grafts to repair the damage caused by the injections. Critics argue that clinics offering these procedures are exploiting male anxieties and cashing in on societal pressures.

Financial Incentives and Growing Demand

In addition to promoting the procedure, Lushful Aesthetics offers a ‘cherry payment plan’ allowing men to finance the cost of the treatment through monthly payments. This financial incentive aims to make the procedure more accessible to a wider range of individuals. The demand for penis fillers is on the rise, with clinics in the UK also offering similar procedures at varying prices.

Risks and Limited Research

While penis fillers can be reversed with a dissolving shot, there is limited research on the risks involved in injecting them in this location. Incorrect application of the filler can lead to hardening, bruising, and permanent disfigurement. Migration of the filler from the injection site is also a concern, potentially resulting in an irregular shape or feel. Senior medics have called for clinics to address the psychological issues behind the desire for such procedures and provide appropriate psychological treatment and reassurance.


The promotion of penis fillers during “grey sweatpant season” by Lushful Aesthetics has ignited a debate about the ethical implications and safety of such procedures. While the clinic aims to boost confidence and cater to the growing demand for cosmetic enhancements, medical professionals warn of the potential risks and lack of evidence supporting the procedure’s benefits. As the popularity of cosmetic surgeries among men continues to rise, it is crucial to consider the long-term implications and prioritize patient safety and well-being.

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