Dior Beauty Takes Luxury to the Seas with the Ultra Chic Dior Spa Cruise in Paris

29 January 2024

Indulge in opulent facials and breathtaking views aboard the luxurious Dior Spa Cruise, a floating spa experience like no other.

Paris, the epitome of luxury, is currently hosting Haute Couture fashion week, where fashion houses strive to find that extra touch of elegance. Dior Beauty, however, has effortlessly achieved this by transforming the luxury Paris yacht, Excellence, into an ultra-chic Dior Spa Cruise. Docked along the Quai Henry in the 4th arrondissement, this floating spa offers an exclusive and luxurious experience until July 14th.

A Luxurious Oasis on the Water

The Dior Spa Cruise boasts a 120 square meter top deck adorned with decadent furnishings, including cane sunbeds, branded cushions, and umbrellas featuring Dior’s signature blue Toile de Jouy pattern. Below deck, guests will find four serene private rooms with boucle sofas and cream carpets, providing the perfect setting for indulgent facials using the latest Dior Beauty launches.

Pampering Treatments Fit for Royalty

The spa offers a range of treatments, including the viral hydrofacial, which combines deep cleansing exfoliation with the Dior Floral Peeling Lotion. Another popular option is the high-precision facial, a reverse aging experience that buffs, contours, and regenerates the skin. Before indulging in these luxurious treatments, guests are treated to a glow shot, a pink-hued beauty elixir infused with rose water, sakura, collagen, and acerola.

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Breathtaking Views of Paris

As guests relax on their Dior monogrammed massage beds, they can enjoy stunning views of Paris as the boat leisurely passes iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Grand Palais. For those who prefer to unwind while their faces are pampered, an hour-long post-treatment session offers the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the Seine while savoring refreshing juices and light canapes.

Wellness Activities for the Body and Mind

For those unable to secure a coveted spot for the spa treatments, the Dior Spa Cruise also offers wellness activities such as yoga, pilates, and ‘postural stretching’ workout classes. Guests can choose to combine these activities with the spa treatments for the ultimate four-hour relaxation cruise, indulging both body and mind.


The Dior Spa Cruise is a testament to Dior Beauty’s commitment to providing unparalleled luxury experiences. From opulent facials using the latest Dior Beauty products to breathtaking views of Paris, this floating spa offers a unique and indulgent escape from the bustling city. Whether guests choose to pamper their skin or engage in wellness activities, the Dior Spa Cruise promises an unforgettable experience that combines relaxation, beauty, and the timeless elegance of Dior. With only two days left, securing a spot on this summer’s chicest cruise is a must for anyone seeking the pinnacle of luxury in Paris.

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