DIY ‘Botox’ Recipe: Beauty Influencer Shares Skin Tonic for Preventing Wrinkles and Building Collagen

29 January 2024

A TikTok influencer has revealed her DIY “Botox” recipe, claiming it can prevent wrinkles and promote collagen production. With a unique blend of ingredients, she refers to one as a “filler in a bottle” and shares the benefits of each component.

In a world obsessed with youth and beauty, the pursuit of flawless skin has led many to explore unconventional methods. One beauty influencer, Ashley S Mixon, has taken matters into her own hands, concocting a DIY “Botox” recipe that promises to prevent wrinkles and build collagen. With a following of over 450,000 on TikTok, Mixon has shared her secret elixir with her fans, highlighting the benefits of each ingredient. In this article, we delve into the details of her skin tonic, exploring the science behind the ingredients and the potential impact on skincare routines.

Flaxseed Oil: Minimizing the Appearance of Wrinkles
Mixon starts her DIY “Botox” recipe with flaxseed oil, a natural ingredient known for its ability to prevent water loss through the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. With its moisturizing properties and potential to reduce skin irritation, redness, allergies, and tissue inflammation, flaxseed oil serves as a foundation for Mixon’s skin tonic.

Myrrh: Healing Wounds and Killing Harmful Bacteria
Next on the list is myrrh, an ancient ingredient with a rich history. Mixon highlights its ability to kill harmful bacteria and heal wounds, surpassing the effectiveness of vitamin E. Additionally, she suggests that adding SPF 15 sunscreen to myrrh oil enhances its ability to block ultraviolet rays. However, she cautions that myrrh is not safe for use during pregnancy.

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Helichrysum: Inspiring Collagen Production and Reducing Wrinkles
Mixon introduces helichrysum oil as the perfect ingredient for graceful aging. Packed with antioxidants, this oil stimulates collagen and elastin production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots as one ages. With its potential to promote youthful-looking skin, helichrysum oil adds another layer of efficacy to Mixon’s DIY “Botox” recipe.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Promoting Collagen Production for Fuller Skin
The inclusion of sea buckthorn oil in Mixon’s skin tonic brings forth the benefits of vitamin K, which is known to promote collagen production for fuller skin and fewer wrinkles. With its potential to enhance skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging, sea buckthorn oil adds a nourishing element to the DIY concoction.

Volufiline: The Controversial “Filler in a Bottle”
Mixon acknowledges the controversy surrounding volufiline but stands by its inclusion in her recipe. She describes it as a “filler in a bottle” that promotes body volume through a cosmetic lipofilling-like effect. While some individuals prefer applying it around the eyes, Mixon personally uses it on her temples, mixing it with her moisturizer for optimal results.

Frankincense: Hydration, Moisture, and Anti-Aging
Another ingredient carried by one of the three kings to Bethlehem, frankincense, has gained popularity in the skincare world. Mixon notes its hydrating and moisturizing properties, as well as its ability to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. With its potential benefits for dry and aging skin, frankincense essential oil has become a staple in many skincare routines.

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Pomegranate Seed Oil: Potent Graceful Aging Ingredient
Mixon highlights the antioxidant-rich nature of pomegranate seed oil, making it one of the most potent ingredients for graceful aging. This oil proves effective in addressing age spots and sun damage while plumping the skin. With its dream-like qualities, pomegranate seed oil adds a luxurious touch to Mixon’s DIY “Botox” recipe.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract: Restoring Youthful-Looking Skin
With centuries of use behind it, Korean red ginseng extract finds its place in Mixon’s skin tonic. This extract helps the skin maintain a youthful appearance by restoring its natural protective barrier and reducing inflammation. Additionally, it boosts circulation, ramping up collagen production and brightening the complexion.

Farmstay Snail Soothing Gel: Nourishment and Firmness
Despite its unconventional nature, Farmstay Snail Soothing Gel has garnered a following among beauty enthusiasts. Mixon praises this product, highlighting its ability to provide rich nutrition and moisture. With its potential to enhance skin elasticity, radiance, and firmness, the gel becomes an essential component of Mixon’s DIY “Botox” recipe.


In the pursuit of youthful and radiant skin, beauty influencer Ashley S Mixon has shared her DIY “Botox” recipe with her followers. By combining various natural ingredients, Mixon’s skin tonic aims to prevent wrinkles and promote collagen production. From flaxseed oil to pomegranate seed oil, each ingredient brings its unique benefits to the table. While the effectiveness of this DIY concoction may vary from person to person, the allure of a natural and cost-effective skincare alternative is undeniable. As beauty enthusiasts around the world experiment with Mixon’s recipe, the quest for the perfect skincare routine continues, fueled by the desire for ageless beauty.

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