Doctor Who’s Davina McCall Explained

25 December 2023

A Closer Look at the Celebrity Guest Appearance in the 2023 Christmas Special

In the recent Doctor Who Christmas special titled “The Church on Ruby Road,” TV presenter Davina McCall made a memorable guest appearance. While many British audiences are familiar with McCall, some may be wondering who she is and how she fit into the episode. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of McCall’s background and her role in the Doctor Who universe.

Davina McCall: A Familiar Face in British Television

Davina McCall is a well-known TV presenter in the United Kingdom. She gained prominence as the host of popular reality shows such as “Big Brother” and “The Million Pound Drop.” McCall’s warm and engaging personality has made her a beloved figure in British television, and she has become a household name over the years.

McCall’s Role in “The Church on Ruby Road”

In the Christmas special, McCall played herself, presenting a TV show where Ruby Sunday, the new companion to the 15th Doctor, was seeking her birth mother. Ruby’s character had been abandoned as a baby outside a church on Christmas Eve, and her journey to uncover her heritage was a central theme in the episode. McCall’s character assisted Ruby in tracking down her relatives and reuniting with her family.

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Real-Life Inspiration: “Long Lost Family”

The segment featuring McCall’s TV show in the Doctor Who episode was a nod to her real-life role as the host of “Long Lost Family.” This ITV documentary series, co-hosted by McCall and Nicky Campbell, helps individuals find their long-lost relatives. The inclusion of this reference added a touch of realism to the episode and showcased McCall’s expertise in reuniting separated families.

McCall’s Unexpected Involvement in the Episode

As the episode unfolded, Ruby and those around her faced numerous misfortunes caused by goblin villains. In an unexpected turn of events, McCall found herself wheelchair-bound and even suffered a severe injury, possibly even death, from a falling Christmas tree. However, the Doctor intervened by traveling back in time to catch the tree and save her life. This twist added an element of suspense and excitement to McCall’s character arc.

A Return to the Doctor Who Universe

While this was not McCall’s first appearance in Doctor Who, as she previously voiced the character Davinadroid in the 2005 episode “Bad Wolf,” her guest role in the 2023 Christmas special is expected to be a one-off. McCall’s portrayal of herself added a unique layer to the episode, drawing on her real-life persona and experiences in the television industry.

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Davina McCall’s appearance in the Doctor Who Christmas special “The Church on Ruby Road” brought a touch of familiarity and authenticity to the episode. As a renowned TV presenter, McCall’s involvement added depth to the storyline and showcased her ability to connect with audiences. While her character faced unexpected challenges, the Doctor’s intervention ensured her safety. McCall’s guest role is likely to be remembered as a standout moment in the Doctor Who universe, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future surprises in the series.

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