Dundas Beauty: A Collaboration between Fashion and Beauty Powerhouses

14 February 2024

Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis team up with Anastasia Soare to launch Dundas Beauty, a gender-inclusive makeup line that embodies effortless glamour.

In a unique collaboration between high-end fashion designer Peter Dundas, beauty mogul Anastasia Soare, and her daughter Claudia, Dundas Beauty has finally made its debut. After four years of development and overcoming logistical challenges caused by the pandemic, the minimalist line of five gender-inclusive products is now available. Dundas and Bousis sat down with Bazaar to discuss the long-awaited line, its inspiration, and the influence of the Soares on its creation.

Anastasia’s Advice and the Vision for Dundas Beauty

During the development of Dundas Beauty, Anastasia Soare advised the co-founders to ensure that the line aligned with Peter Dundas’s fashion vision and their joint desire for the products they would personally use. Soare emphasized the importance of product quality and detailed packaging, traits shared by both her and Dundas. The collaboration between the two creative minds involved a careful balance between work and creativity, with Claudia’s assistance in the formulation process.

The Philosophy Behind the Product Selection

Dundas and Bousis aimed to create a line that was easy to use, gender-neutral, and inclusive for everyone. The first drop of products, called “enhancers,” was designed to enhance one’s natural beauty and achieve a jet-set, effortless, and glamorous look. The line’s intention to cater to all gender identities influenced the formulations, ensuring that the products did not appear cakey on men’s or women’s skin. Claudia played a crucial role in creating formulas that provided perfect coverage while maintaining a sheer and moisturizing finish.

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The Hero Product and Packaging Inspiration

After several iterations, the tinted moisturizer emerged as the hero product of Dundas Beauty. The perfect hydration and pigment color, combined with its ability to adjust to different skin tones, make it a standout in the market. The packaging of the entire line reflects Dundas’s signature color: yellow. Yellow has been a recurring theme in Dundas’s fashion collections, symbolizing his role as the “sunshine in fashion.”

Plumping Lip Balm and Personal Makeup Routines

Instead of opting for a gloss or oil, Dundas Beauty offers a plumping lip balm that both men and women can wear. The formulation strikes a delicate balance between providing a tingling sensation and avoiding any discomfort. Bousis and Dundas shared their personal makeup routines, highlighting the use of the tinted moisturizer, the Undercover enhancer as a spot corrector and under-eye concealer, bronzer for a tan and contouring effect, and the lip balm for a finishing touch. Dundas also revealed his affinity for eyeliner, which adds a touch of rock ‘n’ roll to his look.


Dundas Beauty’s collaboration with Anastasia Soare and Claudia Soare has resulted in a gender-inclusive makeup line that embodies Peter Dundas’s philosophy of effortless glamour. The hero product, the tinted moisturizer, promises to be a game-changer in the market, while the minimalist packaging reflects Dundas’s signature color and style. With Dundas Beauty, individuals of all gender identities can achieve a jet-set, glamorous look that enhances their natural beauty.

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