Elements Wellness and Med Spa: A Haven for Holistic Wellness in Perham

8 December 2023

A family’s personal journey leads to the founding of a thriving wellness business in Perham

Perham, a city known for its unique businesses, has recently welcomed a new addition to its vibrant community – Elements Wellness and Med Spa. Despite opening just a few months ago, this wellness-focused establishment has quickly gained popularity and expanded its range of services. The story behind the founding of Elements is rooted in a personal journey that led one family to explore alternative medicines and ultimately create a one-stop destination for holistic wellness.

The Birth of Elements Wellness and Med Spa:

Troy Diggins, the owner of Elements, along with his wife Tonya, a certified nurse midwife, embarked on this venture after Troy’s battle with illness, including a bout with COVID-19. Seeking alternative treatments, Tonya began researching various therapies and discovered the potential benefits they could offer. The couple realized that they could provide these services under one roof when they stumbled upon a vacant building on First Avenue South, adjacent to Sweet Bees.

A Welcoming Space for Holistic Healing:

Upon entering Elements Wellness and Med Spa, visitors are greeted with a beautifully decorated lobby and entrance. The interior has been thoughtfully renovated to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with a mix of soothing colors that promote relaxation. The spacious facility houses private rooms where clients can receive an array of services, including infrared therapy, float beds, compression therapy, and more.

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Supplementing Wellness Journeys:

Troy emphasizes that Elements aims to complement clients’ existing wellness routines rather than replace them. Whether individuals are seeking pain relief, preventative care, or recovery, the team at Elements works in collaboration with other healthcare professionals, such as chiropractors and physical therapists, to enhance their clients’ overall well-being. The addition of showers for clients using the float tanks further demonstrates their commitment to providing a comprehensive wellness experience.

Fulfilling a Local Need:

Elements Wellness and Med Spa not only fills a void in Perham but also attracts clients from neighboring towns. By offering services that were previously only available in larger cities, Elements has become a destination for individuals seeking holistic wellness. This not only benefits the local economy but also allows residents to access these services without having to travel long distances.

Thriving Amidst Growth:

Since its opening in the late summer, Elements has experienced a surge in demand, necessitating the hiring of additional staff and expanded business hours. The success of the business is a testament to the community’s embrace of holistic wellness practices and the dedication of the Diggins family to their vision. The stories of clients who have found relief and healing through the services provided at Elements serve as a source of inspiration and gratification for the owners.

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Elements Wellness and Med Spa has quickly become a pillar of the Perham community, providing a wide range of holistic wellness services under one roof. The personal journey of the Diggins family, coupled with their dedication to offering alternative therapies, has resulted in a thriving business that not only meets the needs of the local community but also attracts visitors from afar. As Elements continues to grow, it remains committed to enhancing the well-being of its clients and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness.

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