Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa: Enhancing Beauty Inside and Out

24 December 2023

Dr. Lisa Roberts and her daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, have created a family-run med spa that offers a wide range of services to meet individual needs.

In the pursuit of beauty and wellness, Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa stands out as a beacon of excellence. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Lisa Roberts, this family-run med spa in Surprise, Arizona, aims to enhance clients’ outer beauty while also prioritizing their overall well-being. With a team of dedicated professionals and a wide range of services, Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa has quickly become a go-to destination for those seeking personalized and exceptional treatments.

A Family Vision:

Dr. Lisa Roberts had a vision to create a med spa that not only provided top-notch aesthetic treatments but also fostered a warm and welcoming environment. In the summer of 2021, her dream became a reality when she opened Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa. What sets this med spa apart is the collaborative effort of the Roberts family, with Dr. Lisa working alongside her daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, to provide a unique and personalized experience for each client.

A Comprehensive Range of Services:

Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa offers an extensive menu of services designed to address a variety of individual needs. From rejuvenating facials and precise waxing to medical-grade chemical peels and micro-needling, clients can choose from a range of treatments tailored to their specific concerns. Additionally, the med spa provides cosmetic injections, laser skin resurfacing, Vivace micro-needling with radiofrequency, photo-facials, body contouring, cellulite treatments, wellness injections, and IV therapy. This diverse array of services ensures that clients can find the treatments they need to look and feel their best.

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Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere:

One of the hallmarks of Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa is the warm and inviting atmosphere it provides. Dr. Lisa and her daughters have worked tirelessly to cultivate an environment where clients feel comfortable and at ease. Their down-to-earth and friendly nature makes every visit a pleasant experience. It is not uncommon to witness the team sharing in the excitement over client results or offering heartfelt hugs at the end of a visit. At Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa, clients are treated like family.

Client-Centered Approach:

At Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa, the focus is always on the client. Dr. Lisa and her daughters take the time to understand each individual’s unique needs and goals. By providing personalized consultations and customized treatment plans, they ensure that every client receives the attention and care they deserve. This client-centered approach sets Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa apart and has garnered them a loyal following of satisfied customers.


Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa is a testament to the power of combining expertise, passion, and a client-centered approach. Dr. Lisa Roberts and her daughters, Lindsey and Lauren, have created a haven where beauty and wellness intersect. With their wide range of services, warm atmosphere, and dedication to exceptional results, Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa is a destination worth experiencing. Whether seeking a rejuvenating facial, a transformative body treatment, or a wellness boost, clients can trust that they will be in capable and caring hands at Esthetic Brilliance Med Spa.

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