For This Big-Breasted Model, Plastic Surgery is Nothing But a Bust

13 January 2024

A Florida influencer shares her regrets and urges women to think twice about cosmetic procedures

Neyleen Ashley, a former Florida influencer known for having the “biggest breasts in the US,” is speaking out about her regrets regarding multiple plastic surgeries. Despite her initial hopes of boosting her online following, Ashley reveals that her surgically enhanced appearance did not bring her happiness. With a botched nose job as a turning point, she decided to embrace her natural beauty and underwent a series of procedures to remove her implants and reverse a Brazilian butt lift. Now, she is using her platform to warn women about the potential dangers of surgery.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Ashley’s journey began at the age of 18 when she first got breast implants. However, the procedure went wrong, leaving her with one breast significantly higher than the other. Determined to find happiness and feel confident, she underwent corrective surgery and opted for new implants that were 650 cubic centimeters. Finally, she felt content with her body and believed that the bigger breasts fit her perfectly.

The Pressure to Go Bigger

Unfortunately, Ashley’s journey took a turn when she started dating someone who had an obsession with large breasts. Feeling the need to gain attention from her partner, she succumbed to the pressure to go even bigger. At a cheap plastic surgery practice, she opted for 800 cubic centimeter saline implants, overfilled to a staggering 1,250 cubic centimeters. The pursuit of physical perfection had consumed her, and she admits to never feeling “good enough.”

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The Kardashian Era and the Brazilian Butt Lift

During the era of the Kardashians, where bigger was considered better, Ashley decided to enhance her posterior with a Brazilian butt lift. She believed that shocking transformations were the key to growing her social media presence. However, even after the first procedure, she still felt the need for more. She underwent a second Brazilian butt lift, further feeding into the pressure to conform to societal standards.

The Disastrous Nose Job

In a surprising turn of events, a plastic surgeon approached Ashley and offered her a free nose job in exchange for documenting the process on social media. Excited about the prospect of a perfect nose, she agreed. However, the results were far from what she had hoped for. The botched surgery left her with a ruined septum, difficulty breathing, and a constant flow of clear liquid from her nose. Ashley describes this as the worst decision she ever made.

Embracing Natural Beauty

The disastrous nose job became a wake-up call for Ashley. She realized that she had undergone numerous unnecessary procedures, including the nose job, oversized implants, and multiple Brazilian butt lifts. Determined to break free from the cycle of seeking physical perfection, she made the decision to embrace her natural looks.

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A Warning to Others

Ashley has since undergone two Brazilian butt lift reversals and had her breast implants removed. She now uses her platform on TikTok to share videos warning women about the potential dangers of surgery. Her personal experience has led her to advocate for self-acceptance and caution against succumbing to societal pressures.


Neyleen Ashley’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of excessive plastic surgery and the pursuit of physical perfection. Her journey, filled with regrets and botched procedures, highlights the importance of self-acceptance and embracing natural beauty. Through her advocacy on social media, Ashley hopes to empower women to think twice before undergoing cosmetic procedures and to prioritize their mental and physical well-being above societal standards of beauty.

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