Foreo Launches Kiwi Collection: Introducing the Latest Innovation in Skincare Technology

26 November 2023

Swedish beauty tech and wellbeing brand, Foreo, unveils the Kiwi collection, featuring the Kiwi blackhead pore remover vacuum and Kiwi Derma microdermabrasion pore vacuum, revolutionizing skincare routines.

Foreo, renowned for its cutting-edge beauty technology, has recently introduced the Kiwi collection, a range of innovative skincare devices designed to address common skin concerns. The collection includes the Kiwi blackhead pore remover vacuum and the Kiwi Derma microdermabrasion pore vacuum. These devices aim to provide fast, safe, and efficient solutions for extracting dirt from pores and improving overall skin texture. With their unique features and advanced technology, the Kiwi collection promises to revolutionize skincare routines and cater to a younger audience seeking effective and stylish skincare solutions.

Kiwi Blackhead Pore Remover Vacuum: A Breakthrough in Pore Cleansing Technology

The Kiwi blackhead pore remover vacuum is a groundbreaking device designed to extract dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, and excess oil from pores. This innovative tool utilizes a calibrated blue LED light to prevent future breakouts by eliminating any remaining bacteria inside the pore. By unclogging pores and temporarily opening them, the Kiwi vacuum allows skincare products to penetrate deeply, enhancing their effectiveness. With its fast and efficient performance, the Kiwi blackhead pore remover vacuum offers a convenient and effective solution for achieving clear and healthy-looking skin.

Kiwi Derma Microdermabrasion Pore Vacuum: Resurfacing Skin for a Flawless Complexion

The Kiwi Derma microdermabrasion pore vacuum focuses on improving skin texture by resurfacing and evening out the skin. This device features tips made with medical-grade steel and Adamas diamonds, eliminating the need for replacement after each use. The non-invasive microdermabrasion tool effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities through its vacuum suctioning feature. With six customizable intensities, it can reduce fine lines, exfoliate the T-zone, and provide gentle exfoliation. The Kiwi Derma microdermabrasion pore vacuum offers a comprehensive solution for achieving a flawless complexion and improving overall skin health.

Foreo’s Commitment to Self-Care and Innovation

Foreo Travel Retail China Head, Allen Fang, expresses excitement about the Kiwi collection’s global success and its addition to the brand’s travel retail offerings. He emphasizes Foreo’s dedication to expanding its range to cater to different segments of consumers. The Kiwi collection specifically targets a younger audience seeking cool, stylish, and fresh skincare solutions. Fang also mentions Foreo’s plans to further expand its self-care-at-home category in the coming years, solidifying its position as a leader in the medical skin tech division.

Conclusion: Foreo’s Kiwi collection introduces two groundbreaking skincare devices, the Kiwi blackhead pore remover vacuum and the Kiwi Derma microdermabrasion pore vacuum. These devices provide effective solutions for common skin concerns, such as clogged pores and uneven skin texture. With their advanced technology and customizable features, the Kiwi collection offers a new level of convenience and efficacy in skincare routines. As Foreo continues to prioritize innovation and self-care, the Kiwi collection represents another milestone in the brand’s commitment to providing superior skincare solutions.

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