Former Federal Prosecutor Kat Copeland Announces Candidacy for Pennsylvania Attorney General in 2024

26 November 2023

Republican Kat Copeland, a former federal prosecutor, has left her position in the U.S. attorney’s office to run for attorney general in Pennsylvania.

Former federal prosecutor Katayoun “Kat” Copeland has recently declared her intention to run for attorney general of Pennsylvania in 2024. Copeland, a Republican, has stepped down from her role in the U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia in preparation for her candidacy. With an annual budget of approximately $140 million, the attorney general’s office in Pennsylvania plays a crucial role in combating drug trafficking, gun trafficking, defending state laws, and protecting consumers from predatory practices. Copeland’s announcement comes at a time when the office has been in the spotlight for its involvement in defending President Joe Biden’s victory in the state during the 2020 election.

A Distinguished Career in Prosecution

Kat Copeland brings a wealth of experience to her candidacy, having served as a prosecutor for Delaware County in suburban Philadelphia and spending three decades in the field. She also held the position of court-appointed district attorney for two years in Delaware County. Copeland’s extensive background in prosecution, coupled with her tenure as chief of the criminal division and her work in the national security and cybercrimes unit in the U.S. attorney’s office, positions her as a formidable candidate for the role of attorney general.

Republican Competition

While Copeland is vying for the Republican nomination, she faces competition from other candidates within her party. Dave Sunday, the district attorney of York County, has already announced his candidacy and has received the endorsement of the Republican Attorneys General Association. Additionally, Craig Williams, a state House member from Delaware County, has expressed his intention to run for the position. The race for the Republican nomination will undoubtedly be a closely watched contest leading up to the primary.

Democratic Challengers

On the Democratic side, four candidates have already thrown their hats into the ring. State Representative Jared Solomon of Philadelphia, former state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, former federal prosecutor Joe Kahn, and Keir Bradford-Grey, the former head of Philadelphia’s and Montgomery County’s public defense lawyers, are all vying for the Democratic nomination. The competition among the Democratic candidates adds another layer of intrigue to the upcoming primary.

The Importance of the Attorney General’s Office

The attorney general’s office in Pennsylvania holds significant power and responsibility. It plays a crucial role in defending state laws in court, protecting consumers from fraudulent practices, and combating drug and gun trafficking. The office’s involvement in defending President Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election highlighted its importance in upholding the integrity of the democratic process. The upcoming election for attorney general will determine who will lead this vital institution and shape its priorities for the years to come.

Filing Deadline and Outlook

Candidates for the attorney general position in Pennsylvania must file their paperwork by February 13th to appear on the primary ballot, which is scheduled for April 23rd. The race for the position is expected to be highly contested, with both Republicans and Democrats fielding strong candidates. The outcome of the primary will set the stage for a consequential general election, with the winner assuming the role of Pennsylvania’s attorney general and wielding significant influence over the state’s legal landscape.


Former federal prosecutor Kat Copeland’s decision to run for attorney general of Pennsylvania in 2024 adds another dynamic to an already competitive race. With her extensive experience in prosecution and her recent role in the U.S. attorney’s office, Copeland brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. As the filing deadline approaches, the race for the attorney general position in Pennsylvania is shaping up to be a closely watched contest, with both Republicans and Democrats vying for the opportunity to lead the state’s top law enforcement office. The outcome of this election will have a profound impact on the future of Pennsylvania’s legal system and the protection of its citizens.

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