Frisco Physician’s License Suspended After Patient Death at Luxe Med Spa

27 December 2023

Investigation reveals unauthorized administration of IV treatment and prescription solutions at Texas med spa

In a tragic turn of events, a woman lost her life at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas, leading to the temporary suspension of a Frisco physician’s medical license. The patient had received an IV treatment consisting of various vitamins and TPN electrolytes, which ultimately proved fatal. The incident has shed light on the unauthorized administration of medical procedures and prescription solutions at the med spa, prompting an investigation by the Texas Medical Board.

1: Unauthorized IV Treatment and Prescription Solutions

The patient’s death at Luxe Med Spa has raised concerns about the safety and legality of the procedures performed at the facility. According to the Texas Medical Board report, the IV treatment administered to the patient included vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, vitamin B12, and TPN electrolytes. It was discovered that TPN electrolyte solution, which contains potassium chloride, requires a prescription and can lead to complications. The unauthorized administration of such a solution highlights a serious breach of medical protocol.

2: Medical Director’s Role and Responsibility

The investigation revealed that Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, an anesthesiologist, was acting as the Medical Director for Luxe Med Spa. However, his involvement in the facility was limited, with only three visits recorded: the spa’s grand opening in May, one visit in June, and the fateful day of the patient’s death on July 10, 2023. This raises questions about the oversight and supervision provided by Dr. Gallagher, considering the potential risks associated with the procedures performed at the med spa.

3: Unlicensed Administration and Lack of Medical Personnel

Amber Johnson, the owner of Luxe Med Spa, was found to have administered the IV therapy to the patient. However, she was not licensed to perform IV treatments or administer prescription pharmaceutical solutions. This revelation points to a glaring lack of qualified medical personnel at the spa, potentially placing patients at significant risk. The Texas Medical Board has emphasized the importance of having licensed medical professionals present during such procedures to ensure patient safety.

4: Misuse of Physician’s Credentials

The investigation further uncovered that Luxe Med Spa staff had been ordering prescription solutions, including TPN, from McKesson Pharmaceuticals using Dr. Gallagher’s license. This misuse of a physician’s credentials raises serious concerns about the integrity of the med spa’s operations and the potential for unauthorized access to prescription medications. The Texas Medical Board has emphasized the need for strict regulation and oversight to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


The temporary suspension of Dr. Gallagher’s medical license following the tragic death of a patient at Luxe Med Spa has brought to light the unauthorized administration of IV treatments and prescription solutions at the facility. The lack of licensed medical personnel and the misuse of a physician’s credentials raise significant concerns about patient safety and the need for stricter regulations in the medical spa industry. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proper oversight and adherence to medical protocols to prevent further tragedies in the future.

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