Jiva Med Spa Introduces Ohio’s First CoolSculpting Elite Machine

23 December 2023

Discover the Latest Advancements in Fat-Freezing Technology at Jiva Med Spa

As the new year begins, many individuals embark on a journey to improve their health and well-being. For those seeking to shed unwanted pounds and boost their energy levels, Jiva Med Spa in Ohio may have the perfect solution. Dr. Rakesh Nanda, a renowned expert in the field, recently joined Living Dayton to showcase Ohio’s first CoolSculpting Elite Machine. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the way we approach fat reduction, offering a non-invasive and effective solution. With the ability to freeze twice the amount of stubborn fat at once, the CoolSculpting Elite Machine at Jiva Med Spa is set to transform the lives of countless individuals in Columbus and Dayton.

The Advancements of CoolSculpting Elite Machines

CoolSculpting Elite machines are the latest and most advanced fat freezing systems available on the market today. Jiva Med Spa proudly utilizes these state-of-the-art machines, which have the capacity to freeze up to 20-25% of treated fat cells for good. Unlike traditional weight loss methods, CoolSculpting Elite targets specific areas of the body, eliminating stubborn fat pockets that may be resistant to diet and exercise. With the ability to apply four applicators at once, Jiva Med Spa’s Quad CoolSculpting technique allows for greater coverage and efficiency during treatment sessions.

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The Science Behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is based on the principle of cryolipolysis, a process that involves freezing fat cells to the point of destruction. The targeted fat cells are then gradually eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic processes. The CoolSculpting Elite Machine enhances this process by utilizing advanced cooling technology to precisely target and freeze fat cells, without causing harm to the surrounding tissues. This innovative approach has been extensively studied and proven to be safe and effective in numerous clinical trials.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting Elite

One of the primary advantages of CoolSculpting Elite is its non-invasive nature. Unlike surgical procedures such as liposuction, CoolSculpting Elite requires no incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. Patients can undergo treatment and resume their daily activities immediately afterward. Additionally, the results of CoolSculpting Elite are long-lasting, as the treated fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body. This means that with a healthy lifestyle, individuals can enjoy their newly sculpted physique for years to come.

Personalized Treatment Plans at Jiva Med Spa

At Jiva Med Spa, each patient receives a customized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. During an initial consultation, a qualified medical professional will assess the areas of concern and recommend the most suitable approach. Whether targeting stubborn belly fat, love handles, or other problem areas, the CoolSculpting Elite Machine can be adjusted to address individual needs. The team at Jiva Med Spa is dedicated to providing a comfortable and supportive environment throughout the entire treatment process.

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The Importance of Choosing a Reputable Med Spa

While CoolSculpting Elite offers remarkable benefits, it is crucial to choose a reputable med spa for the procedure. Jiva Med Spa stands out as a trusted provider, offering the latest technology and a team of experienced professionals. Dr. Rakesh Nanda, with his extensive knowledge and expertise, ensures that each patient receives the highest quality of care and achieves optimal results. By selecting a reputable med spa like Jiva, individuals can feel confident in their decision to pursue CoolSculpting Elite.


With the of Ohio’s first CoolSculpting Elite Machine at Jiva Med Spa, individuals in Columbus and Dayton now have access to the most advanced fat-freezing technology available. This non-invasive and highly effective treatment offers a solution for those seeking to slim down, improve their body contours, and boost their overall well-being. With the expertise of Dr. Rakesh Nanda and the dedicated team at Jiva Med Spa, patients can embark on their transformative journey with confidence, knowing they are in capable hands. As the new year unfolds, Jiva Med Spa stands ready to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals, one frozen fat cell at a time.

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