Kaitlyn Bristowe Opens Up About Botox and Lip Flip Procedures

31 December 2023

The former Bachelorette shares her experiences and advice on injectable treatments

Kaitlyn Bristowe, a well-known personality from Bachelor Nation, recently took to Instagram to discuss her experiences with Botox and a lip flip procedure. As she underwent a new injectable treatment, Bristowe offered advice and insights to her followers, shedding light on the importance of finding a skilled professional and the potential risks of overtreatment. In this article, we delve into Bristowe’s candid revelations and explore the growing trend of celebrities openly discussing their plastic surgery experiences.

The Importance of Skilled Professionals and Conservative Treatment

Bristowe’s Instagram Story Q&A session revealed her commitment to finding a skilled professional for her injectable treatments. When asked about the possibility of developing droopy eyelids from Botox, Bristowe emphasized the importance of receiving the appropriate amount of treatment. She noted that overtreatment can lead to unwanted side effects, such as droopy eyelids. By opting for a conservative approach, Bristowe prioritizes maintaining some movement over risking an undesirable outcome.

Exploring the Lip Flip Procedure

In response to a follower’s question about a “lip flip,” Bristowe revealed that she had recently undergone the procedure. The lip flip involves relaxing the muscles connecting to the upper lip, resulting in a relaxed and outwardly curled appearance. Bristowe’s openness about her decision to undergo this non-surgical procedure highlights the increasing acceptance and popularity of cosmetic enhancements among celebrities.

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Candid Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Bristowe’s willingness to discuss her experiences with plastic surgery aligns with a growing trend among celebrities who are becoming more open about their cosmetic procedures. While it is often assumed that stars will go to great lengths to hide their surgical enhancements, many have chosen to share their stories candidly. From Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to Courteney Cox, celebrities have spoken out about their experiences under the knife, bringing a refreshing honesty to the topic.

Addressing Plastic Surgery Speculations

Since her debut on The Bachelor in 2015, Bristowe has faced persistent questions about her potential plastic surgery procedures. In a post on social media, she addressed the speculation, listing the treatments she had undergone, including a brow lift, brow microblading, teeth bonding, lip filler, and contouring. Bristowe’s response serves as a reminder that individuals have the right to make choices about their bodies and appearance, emphasizing the importance of body autonomy.


Kaitlyn Bristowe’s recent Instagram Q&A session provided a glimpse into her experiences with Botox and a lip flip procedure. Her advice on finding skilled professionals and opting for conservative treatment highlights the importance of responsible cosmetic enhancements. Moreover, Bristowe’s openness about her own procedures reflects a larger trend of celebrities embracing transparency regarding their plastic surgery experiences. As society becomes more accepting of these discussions, it is crucial to remember that individuals have the right to make choices about their bodies and appearance without judgment or scrutiny.

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