Kevin Spacey Returns with Controversial Christmas Video: Interview as Frank Underwood Sparks Debate

25 December 2023

The actor resurfaces after a three-year hiatus, delivering a provocative message on cancel culture and teasing a potential political future.

After a three-year absence, actor Kevin Spacey has made a comeback with a new Christmas video that has sparked controversy and reignited public debate. This year, Spacey took an unconventional approach, appearing in character as Frank Underwood from the hit series “House of Cards” and being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. In the seven-minute clip, Spacey, in Underwood’s distinctive Southern drawl, addresses cancel culture, hints at a potential 2024 run, and criticizes the “legacy media.” The video has generated mixed reactions, with some applauding Spacey’s return to the spotlight and others condemning his past misconduct.

1: Spacey’s Unconventional Christmas Message

In this year’s Christmas video, Spacey deviates from his previous messages, opting for a scripted interview format with Tucker Carlson. Dressed as Frank Underwood, the character he portrayed in the acclaimed political drama “House of Cards,” Spacey delivers a thought-provoking monologue that touches on various contentious topics.

2: Confronting Cancel Culture

During the interview, Spacey, in character as Underwood, expresses his disdain for cancel culture, a phenomenon in which individuals are ostracized or boycotted due to alleged misconduct or controversial statements. Spacey argues that cancel culture undermines the principles of due process and rehabilitation, and suggests that society should focus on redemption and forgiveness.

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3: Teasing a Political Future

In a surprising twist, Spacey hints at a potential run for political office in 2024. As Underwood, he claims that he has unfinished business and alludes to the possibility of a comeback in the realm of politics. This revelation has sparked speculation and divided opinions, with some intrigued by the idea of Spacey’s transition from actor to politician, while others question his suitability given the controversies surrounding his personal life.

4: Criticizing “Legacy Media”

Spacey, still in character, takes aim at the “legacy media” during his interview with Carlson. He argues that traditional media outlets have lost their credibility and influence, asserting that platforms like Netflix owe their success to groundbreaking shows like “House of Cards.” This critique resonates with the ongoing debate surrounding the role of traditional media in the digital age.

5: Reactions and Controversy

Unsurprisingly, Spacey’s return to the public eye has generated a wide range of reactions. Supporters view his video as a bold and thought-provoking statement against cancel culture, while others argue that his past misconduct should not be forgotten or forgiven. Critics question the timing of his comeback, suggesting it may be an attempt to divert attention from his troubled past.


Kevin Spacey’s Christmas video, featuring an interview as Frank Underwood, has reignited public discourse on cancel culture, political aspirations, and the role of traditional media. The actor’s return after a three-year hiatus has sparked both support and criticism, with opinions divided on his ability to make a comeback in the face of past controversies. As society grapples with issues of redemption, forgiveness, and accountability, Spacey’s provocative message serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding cancel culture and the blurred lines between entertainment and reality.

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