Linda Evangelista Says Cryolipolysis “Permanently Disfigured” Her

27 November 2023

Supermodel Linda Evangelista opens up about her decision to remain single and her experience with cryolipolysis procedures.

Renowned supermodel Linda Evangelista, known for her iconic status in the fashion industry, recently revealed that she has no interest in dating and prefers to remain single. In an interview with the U.K.’s Sunday Times, the 58-year-old fashion icon shared her perspective on relationships and opened up about her experience with cryolipolysis, a fat-reduction procedure that she claims left her “permanently disfigured.”

A Shift in Priorities

Evangelista candidly expressed her disinterest in pursuing romantic relationships, stating that she no longer desires physical intimacy. She explained that she no longer wishes to share her personal space or hear someone breathing beside her. This revelation sheds light on her current state of mind and suggests a shift in priorities as she embraces a new chapter in her life.


The Impact of Cryolipolysis

The supermodel’s decision to forgo dating stems from her experience with cryolipolysis, a non-invasive fat-reduction procedure. Evangelista underwent the treatment in 2015 and 2016 but later sued the company behind the procedure, Zeltiq Aesthetics, in 2021. She claimed that the CoolSculpting procedures resulted in an increase in her fat cells and left her “brutally disfigured” and “permanently deformed.”

Legal Battle and Settlement

Evangelista’s lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics brought attention to the potential risks and side effects of cryolipolysis procedures. After a year-long legal battle, the supermodel reached a settlement with the company in 2022. The details of the settlement remain undisclosed, but Evangelista’s case highlighted the importance of thorough research and understanding the potential consequences before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

The Impact on Evangelista’s Mental Health

The supermodel’s claims of being “permanently disfigured” and becoming a recluse shed light on the profound impact that physical appearance can have on a person’s mental well-being. Evangelista’s experience serves as a reminder that cosmetic procedures, even those considered non-invasive, can have unexpected and detrimental effects on an individual’s self-image and overall mental health.

The Wider Implications

Evangelista’s story raises important questions about the cosmetic industry and the responsibility of companies to prioritize customer safety. While cryolipolysis has gained popularity as a non-surgical alternative to traditional fat reduction methods, the potential risks and long-term effects must be thoroughly understood and communicated to patients. The case also highlights the importance of transparency and accountability within the industry.


Linda Evangelista’s decision to remain single and her experience with cryolipolysis procedures have sparked conversations about self-image, the cosmetic industry, and the potential risks associated with non-invasive procedures. Her story serves as a reminder that personal well-being should always be prioritized over societal expectations and that thorough research and understanding are crucial before undergoing any cosmetic treatment. As the fashion icon continues to navigate her journey, her openness about her experiences encourages a necessary dialogue about the complexities of beauty and the importance of informed decision-making.

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