Loyal’s Breakthrough Drug Offers Hope for Extending Lifespan of Large Breed Dogs

6 December 2023

San Francisco-based company, Loyal, receives conditional approval from the FDA for its drug, LOY-001, aimed at addressing the shorter lifespans of large- and giant-breed dogs.

In a groundbreaking development for the world of veterinary medicine, Loyal, a San Francisco-based company, has received conditional approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its drug, LOY-001. This drug holds the potential to extend the lifespan of large- and giant-breed dogs, which often face significantly shorter lives compared to smaller breeds. With the approval, Loyal is now one step closer to bringing this revolutionary drug to market, offering hope for pet owners seeking to provide their beloved canine companions with an extended and healthier life.

Addressing the Lifespan Discrepancy:

Large- and giant-breed dogs, such as Great Danes and Newfoundlands, typically have lifespans of only seven to eight years, while smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Miniature Poodles can live up to 20 years. The primary reason for this discrepancy lies in the elevated levels of the growth-promoting hormone IGF-1 found in larger dogs. Loyal’s LOY-001 aims to tackle this issue by reducing the levels of IGF-1 in adult dogs, potentially extending their lifespan.

The Promise of LOY-001:

Loyal’s drug, LOY-001, is designed as a long-acting product to be administered by veterinarians every three to six months. While the conditional approval from the FDA is a significant milestone, Loyal still needs to conduct further studies to gather definitive efficacy data and meet the FDA’s rigorous manufacturing and safety criteria. The conditional approval is valid for up to five years, during which Loyal will work diligently to complete the necessary data collection and apply for full approval.

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The Road to FDA Approval:

Loyal CEO Celine Halioua expressed the company’s dedication to developing drugs that extend the healthy lifespan of dogs. The conditional approval for LOY-001 is the result of years of meticulous work by the Loyal team. However, the company recognizes that there is still a long road ahead to secure full FDA approval. Loyal will need to provide comprehensive manufacturing and safety data to meet the FDA’s rigorous standards. If successful, LOY-001 could potentially be available on the market as early as 2026.

Revolutionizing Pet Care:

If LOY-001 receives full FDA approval, it has the potential to revolutionize the way pet owners care for their larger canine companions. By offering the promise of an extended and healthier life, LOY-001 could bring newfound hope to owners of large- and giant-breed dogs. Dogs over the age of 7 and weighing more than 40 pounds may be eligible for LOY-001 shots, providing them with the opportunity to live longer, more fulfilling lives.


The conditional approval of Loyal’s drug, LOY-001, represents a significant step forward in addressing the shorter lifespans of large- and giant-breed dogs. By targeting the growth-promoting hormone IGF-1, LOY-001 holds the potential to extend the lifespan of these dogs, offering hope to pet owners around the world. While there are still challenges to overcome, Loyal’s commitment to completing the necessary studies and meeting the FDA’s stringent criteria is a testament to their dedication to improving the lives of our beloved canine companions. As we eagerly await further developments, the possibility of a future where our larger dogs can live longer, healthier lives is within reach.

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