Lumisque Skincare to Showcase Innovations at A4M’s 31st Annual World Congress

21 December 2023

Lumisque Skincare, a leading brand in skin rejuvenation, is set to participate in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s (A4M) 31st Annual World Congress. The event, known as the largest Anti-Aging conference, will bring together industry leaders and experts in functional and integrative medicine.

Lumisque Skincare, a renowned brand in the field of skin rejuvenation, is gearing up to make its mark at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s (A4M) 31st Annual World Congress. This highly anticipated event, recognized as the world’s largest Anti-Aging conference, will provide a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest innovations in anti-aging products and treatments. With over 4,000 attendees expected, the congress promises to be a hub of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

VP of Sales Lauren Dudek and the Lumisque Skincare team will be present at the four-day event, which will take place at The Venetian and Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas. The brand aims to connect with attendees and showcase its innovative contributions to the field of anti-aging products.

A Platform for Innovation and Advancement

The A4M’s World Congress has gained a reputation for its dedication to advancing healthcare technologies and strategies to combat chronic diseases associated with aging. The event focuses on functional and integrative medicine, providing a comprehensive platform for industry leaders to present their breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine.

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Lumisque Skincare’s Mission to Improve Lives

Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque Skincare, expressed her excitement about participating in the A4M’s Exhibit Vegas. Kerr emphasized that the event aligns with the brand’s mission to advance health and wellness while showcasing Lumisque Skincare’s innovative contributions to the anti-aging landscape. The brand’s portfolio, which includes the CO2lift carboxy therapy, has gained recognition for its clinically proven rejuvenating effects on the face, body, and intimate skin.

The Significance of CO2lift Carboxy Therapy

CO2lift carboxy therapy has emerged as a game-changer in the field of anti-aging skincare. Lumisque Skincare’s CO2lift carboxy gel is the first clinically proven carboxy gel for face, body, and intimate skin. Physicians have been utilizing this innovative therapy for pre and post-care, as well as for addressing complications such as vascular occlusions. Lumisque Skincare’s participation in the A4M’s Exhibit at Vegas 2023 serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to showcasing its cutting-edge contributions to the anti-aging market.

A4M’s Commitment to Advancing Anti-Aging Medicine

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) has been at the forefront of promoting breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine. Through its dedication to continuing medical education, activities, and training, A4M aims to equip healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and strategies to combat the chronic diseases associated with aging. The organization’s advanced education entity, the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI), plays a pivotal role in providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to excel in the field of anti-aging medicine.

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As Lumisque Skincare prepares to participate in the A4M’s 31st Annual World Congress, the brand’s commitment to advancing health and wellness shines through. The event will serve as a platform for industry leaders to showcase their innovative contributions to the field of anti-aging medicine. Lumisque Skincare’s presence at the congress, with its focus on CO2lift carboxy therapy, highlights the brand’s dedication to revolutionizing the skincare industry and improving the lives of individuals seeking effective anti-aging solutions.

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