Meg Ryan’s Return to the Big Screen Sparks Controversy Over Alleged Plastic Surgery

22 November 2023

Fans express disappointment and concern as Meg Ryan’s changed appearance steals the spotlight from her comeback film.

After an eight-year hiatus from the big screen, beloved actress Meg Ryan has returned in the film “What Happens Later.” However, her comeback has been overshadowed by widespread speculation and criticism surrounding her apparent plastic surgery. Fans on social media have expressed their disappointment and concern, questioning why Ryan would choose to alter her once-iconic features.

Unhappy Fans Take to Social Media

Fans of Meg Ryan have taken to social media platforms to voice their disappointment and concern over her changed appearance. Many expressed their sadness that the Hollywood darling, known for her roles in romantic comedies such as “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” would choose to alter her face. Some fans even went as far as suggesting that the film should be renamed “What Happens With Meg Ryan’s Face.” The general sentiment among fans is that Ryan was once a natural beauty with expressive eyes, and they are disheartened to see her succumb to the pressures of Hollywood’s beauty standards.

Expert Opinion Points to Botched Facelift

While Meg Ryan has never publicly admitted to undergoing any cosmetic procedures, celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk believes she may have had a botched facelift. According to Dr. Rizk, Ryan’s mouth is a telltale sign of a horizontally performed facelift. He explains that her mouth appears larger now compared to when she was younger, suggesting that it has been pulled sideways instead of vertically. Dr. Rizk also suggests that Ryan’s lips have been enhanced with fillers, particularly on the sides, giving her a distorted appearance that some have compared to “the joker smile.”

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The Effects on Cheeks and Eyes

Dr. Rizk further speculates that Ryan may have had injections of either fillers or fat in her cheeks, resulting in a fuller and doughy appearance. He points out that cheeks do not naturally become larger with age, and the added volume is causing her eyes to appear smaller. When Ryan smiles, the excess filler or fat in her cheeks pushes up, affecting the area around her eyes. This change in her facial proportions has contributed to the overall transformation of her once-familiar features.

Ryan’s Response and Embracing Aging

In a 2015 interview with Porter magazine, Meg Ryan briefly addressed the speculation surrounding her changing looks. She deflected the focus onto more important conversations, stating that there are more significant topics than how women look and age. Ryan expressed her love for her age and her current life, emphasizing the person she has become and the personal growth she has experienced. Unfortunately, this article has been removed, leaving fans without a recent statement from the actress regarding her alleged plastic surgery.

Conclusion: Meg Ryan’s return to the big screen in “What Happens Later” has been met with mixed reactions due to the attention surrounding her apparent plastic surgery. Fans have expressed their disappointment and concern, questioning why she would choose to alter her once-beloved features. Expert opinions suggest that Ryan may have undergone a botched facelift, resulting in changes to her mouth, lips, cheeks, and eyes. Regardless of the controversy, Ryan’s response in the past has emphasized the importance of focusing on more meaningful conversations beyond physical appearance. As the debate continues, it serves as a reminder of the pressures faced by women in the entertainment industry and society’s obsession with youth and beauty.

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