Mel B Doubles Down on Scathing Criticism of James Corden

25 December 2023

Spice Girls singer brands Corden the “biggest d***head celebrity” she’s ever met

Mel B, former member of the Spice Girls, has reiterated her scathing criticism of James Corden, calling him the “biggest d***head celebrity” she’s ever encountered. The singer made the comment during an appearance on Channel 4’s The Big Narstie Show in December 2022. She recently reaffirmed her stance on comedian Joe Lycett’s Late Night Lycett, where she proudly acknowledged her previous statement. Corden, known for hosting The Late Late Show in the US, has yet to respond to Mel B’s remarks.

The Controversial Comment

During her appearance on The Big Narstie Show, Mel B was asked by co-host Mo Gilligan about the “biggest d***head celebrity” she had ever met. Without hesitation, she pointedly referred to James Corden. When pressed for details on what he had done to deserve such a label, Mel B emphasized the importance of being kind and respectful to everyone involved in a production. She stated that Corden had not exhibited these qualities.

Previous Allegations Against Corden

This is not the first time James Corden’s behavior has come under scrutiny. In 2022, restaurant owner Keith McNally accused Corden of making derogatory comments and unreasonable demands towards his staff at Balthazar in New York. McNally publicly declared that Corden was no longer welcome at his establishment. Corden initially denied any wrongdoing but later admitted to making a “rude, rude comment.” After offering an apology on The Late Late Show, McNally lifted the ban.

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Mel B’s Disappointment with the Brit Awards

In addition to her criticism of James Corden, Mel B recently expressed her disappointment with the eligibility of convicted abuser Tom Meighan for the Brit Awards 2024. As a prominent anti-domestic violence campaigner, she voiced concern over the message being sent by rewarding individuals who have committed crimes against women. She finds it shocking that someone with a history of violence could be recognized at such a high-profile event.


Mel B’s candid remarks about James Corden have sparked controversy and reignited discussions about his behavior. The singer’s insistence on kindness and respect in the entertainment industry serves as a reminder of the importance of treating colleagues with decency. Corden’s previous encounter with allegations of mistreatment further adds to the scrutiny surrounding him. Meanwhile, Mel B’s disappointment with the Brit Awards’ recognition of individuals with a history of violence raises important questions about the message being sent by such accolades. This ongoing debate highlights the need for accountability and awareness in the entertainment industry.

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