MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 Sets New Standards for Blockchain Gaming

25 December 2023

The AAA-inspired MMORPG, MetaCene, successfully completes its Alpha Test 2, showcasing enhanced gameplay and massive community engagement.

MetaCene, the highly anticipated AAA-inspired MMORPG developed by MixMarvel, has reached a significant milestone with the successful completion of its Alpha Test 2. This achievement solidifies MetaCene’s position as a leader in the blockchain gaming industry, pushing the boundaries of immersive gameplay and blockchain integration. With enhanced gameplay dynamics and increased community participation, MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 has captivated players and set new standards for the genre.

MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 Showcases Enhanced Gameplay and Massive Community Engagement:

During the 16-day Alpha Test 2, players were immersed in a world where every action carried weight and consequences, elevating the MetaCene universe to new heights. The technical prowess of MetaCene was evident as it managed a significant multiplayer capacity with servers in Asia and the Americas, highlighting the stability of the Rangers Mainnet.

The statistics from Alpha Test 2 reveal a community deeply invested in the MetaCene experience. Over 5000 players participated, dedicating an average of 4 hours daily. The impressive 75% day-one retention rate and 50% active engagement by day fourteen demonstrate the game’s ability to captivate and retain players.

The player base of 5,228 participants from various regions, including Brazil, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States, showcases the global appeal of MetaCene. Key engagement metrics, such as Illusive Cube entries and Guild Wars participation, highlight the interactive and collaborative nature of the game.

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MetaCene Releases 6,641,120 $MUD Tokens, Eyes Beta Test:

During Alpha Test 2, MetaCene’s economy flourished, with the production of 6,641,120 $MUD tokens, the fundamental asset in the MetaCene ecosystem. Players invested 11,964,372 $MUD tokens, demonstrating their deep commitment to the game’s economy. The production and trading of $tMAK tokens, equipment NFTs, and the MetaCene Apostle NFT collection witnessed impressive growth and price surges, showcasing the economic vibrancy within the game.

As the Alpha Test 2 concludes, anticipation for the Beta test builds. The MetaCene team is dedicated to refining the game based on player feedback, ensuring it surpasses community expectations. The journey of MetaCene exemplifies the intersection of technology, creativity, and community, shaping a world beyond developers to include every player exploring its expansive universe.


MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 has proven to be a resounding success, showcasing enhanced gameplay and massive community engagement. With a dedicated player base and impressive economic activity within the game, MetaCene has set new standards for blockchain gaming. As the project moves towards its Beta test, the team’s commitment to refining the game based on player feedback ensures that MetaCene will continue to push the boundaries of immersive gaming experiences. The future looks bright for MetaCene as it continues to shape a world where technology, creativity, and community converge.

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