Michelle Yeoh’s Secrets for Skin Care Squats and a Radiant Makeup Look

20 January 2024

The Oscar Winner and The Brothers Sun star shares her skincare and makeup routine for a healthy and glowing complexion.

Michelle Yeoh, known for her multitasking abilities, reveals her secrets for maintaining flawless skin while toning her body. In this article, we delve into Yeoh’s skincare and makeup routine, as she demonstrates the importance of combining skincare with exercise for a radiant complexion. Inspired by her mother’s martial arts-inspired skincare rituals, Yeoh emphasizes the significance of a healthy lifestyle and shares her favorite products for a quick and natural makeup look.

Skincare Squats: Combining Beauty and Exercise

Yeoh begins her day by incorporating exercise into her skincare routine. While massaging her face with Medicube’s Age R Derma Shot, she performs squats, kicks, and stretches to wake up her body. This unique approach allows her to save time and maximize efficiency, all while taking care of her skin.

A Lesson from Her Mother: Martial Arts for the Face

Yeoh attributes her dedication to skincare to her mother, who has a flawless complexion at 83 years old. She recalls her mother’s martial arts-inspired facial exercises and credits them for her youthful appearance. These exercises involve massaging the face and neck to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.

Hydration and Warmup Massage

To prepare her skin for the day ahead, Yeoh applies Helena Rubinstein’s day cream, gently massaging it into her face and neck. This warmup massage not only hydrates the skin but also activates the surrounding lymph nodes. Yeoh emphasizes the importance of drinking water for overall skin health, as it provides a beautiful canvas for makeup application.

Light and Natural Makeup

Yeoh prefers a light makeup look that enhances her natural features. She applies Shiseido’s sheer foundation, avoiding heavy formulas that accentuate creases. Clé de Peau concealer is used to cover any imperfections caused by sun exposure in her younger days. Yeoh’s mother’s advice to never let anyone pluck her eyebrows is followed, as she brushes and fills them in with Anastasia’s Brow Definer.


Michelle Yeoh’s skincare and makeup routine exemplifies the importance of combining beauty and exercise for a healthy and radiant complexion. Inspired by her mother’s skincare rituals, Yeoh emphasizes the benefits of facial massages and hydration. Her preference for light and natural makeup showcases her belief in enhancing one’s natural beauty. By following Yeoh’s tips, readers can adopt a holistic approach to skincare and makeup, achieving a healthy and youthful glow.

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