Nonprofit TX 400 Pushes for Patient Safety Advocacy in the Wake of Tragic Death

23 December 2023

The death of Jenifer Cleveland at a medical spa in Wortham, Texas, has prompted TX 400, a nonprofit organization comprised of Texas physicians, to advocate for stronger patient safety measures.

The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas has ignited a call for change from TX 400, a nonprofit organization formed by Texas physicians. Dr. Mary Kelly Green, co-founder of TX 400, believes that the current blurred lines between the responsibilities of physicians and non-physicians pose a significant threat to patient safety. Green’s goal is to bring attention to the issue, honor Cleveland’s memory, and ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

The Tragic Circumstances Surrounding Jenifer Cleveland’s Death

Jenifer Cleveland, a beloved mother of four, wife, and friend, lost her life after receiving IV treatment from Luxe Med Spa. Shockingly, the procedure was administered by the spa’s owner, Amber Johnson, who lacked the necessary medical license to perform such procedures. Dr. Green expresses her outrage at the fact that individuals without proper medical qualifications are allowed to carry out potentially dangerous procedures, emphasizing the urgent need for change.

The Need for Legislative Action

Dr. Green is calling for new legislation to address the issue at hand. She believes that stronger supervision, increased transparency for patients, and stricter accountability for licensed medical personnel are essential. With the support of a state senator’s office and Cleveland’s widower, Green aims to establish “Jenifer’s law” to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. By implementing these measures, Texas can send a clear message that patient safety is a top priority.

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The Texas Medical Board’s Response

The Texas Medical Board has taken notice of the concerning practices occurring in medical spas and has issued a warning to physicians. Dr. Green commends this action as a step in the right direction. The board’s recent decision to temporarily suspend the medical license of a Frisco physician, Michael Patrick Gallagher, who served as the medical director at Luxe Med Spa, highlights the severity of the situation. Gallagher allowed an unlicensed delegate, Amber Johnson, to administer prescription drugs to Cleveland without establishing a proper physician-patient relationship. The Texas Medical Board’s actions demonstrate their commitment to protecting the public’s health and welfare.

Empowering Patients to Take Action

In light of these events, the Texas Medical Board encourages anyone who has experienced medical malpractice or witnessed unsafe practices to file a complaint. This avenue allows patients to hold medical professionals accountable and contribute to the improvement of patient safety standards. The Texas Medical Board provides an accessible platform for individuals to voice their concerns and ensure that incidents like Cleveland’s death are thoroughly investigated.


The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland has shed light on the urgent need for improved patient safety measures in the medical spa industry. Through the efforts of TX 400, led by Dr. Mary Kelly Green, the organization is advocating for legislative changes that will strengthen supervision, increase transparency, and hold licensed medical personnel accountable. The Texas Medical Board’s response, including the temporary suspension of a physician’s license, demonstrates a commitment to addressing these issues. By empowering patients to file complaints and actively participate in the improvement of healthcare standards, Texas can take a significant step towards preventing future tragedies and ensuring patient safety remains a top priority.

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