PCHi 2024: Showcasing the Latest Trends and Innovations in the Chinese Cosmetics Market

24 January 2024

The Personal Care and Homecare ingredients (PCHi) tradeshow returns with a focus on sustainability, new technologies, and international collaborations.

The Chinese cosmetics market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing demand for beauty and skincare products in second and third-tier cities. With projections indicating a market size of approximately 516.9 billion yuan ($72 billion) by 2023, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Against this backdrop, the upcoming PCHi 2024 tradeshow promises to be a platform for industry players to explore the latest trends, innovations, and collaborations in the Chinese cosmetics market.

Product Showcase: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Offerings
The new product showcase at PCHi 2024 will feature more than 30 offerings from exhibitors, including several global debuts. This platform will provide visitors with an overview of cutting-edge ingredients that have the potential to set their finished products apart in a highly competitive market.

New Technology Sessions: Groundbreaking Research and Innovations
PCHi 2024 will serve as a prominent platform for exhibitors to present groundbreaking research and technologies driving the industry’s latest developments. With close to 40 presentations by both domestic and international exhibitors over three days, attendees can expect to gain insights into the future of the cosmetics industry.

PCHi Sustainability Zone: Promoting Sustainable Development
As part of its commitment to sustainability, PCHi 2024 will feature a dedicated sustainability zone. This area will highlight the efforts of various exhibitors in incorporating sustainable practices in their products, services, and business practices. Visitors can engage with exhibitors and learn about their sustainable initiatives.

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Testing and Laboratory Zone: Ensuring Product Safety
In collaboration with the Shanghai Society of Toxicology, PCHi 2024 will feature a testing and laboratory zone. With over 60 products and technologies addressing regulatory and end-user expectations concerning cosmetic product safety, this zone aims to provide industry players with the tools to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Beauté Gourmet: Beauty from Within
The experiential zone, Beauté Gourmet, will showcase products designed to enhance beauty from within. Visitors can sample innovative products that promote ingestible beauty through a holistic approach. This zone offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of beauty and wellness.

Country Days: Insights into Global Cosmetic Ingredient Markets
PCHi 2024 will feature exclusive conference sessions focused on the UK, France, and South Korea. These sessions will offer insights into the latest developments and trends for cosmetic ingredients in these markets. Attendees can also take advantage of networking opportunities beyond the show floor.

Visa-free Entry: Facilitating International Attendance
To facilitate international attendance, citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia can now enter China without a visa for up to 15 days. This visa-free entry policy aims to encourage global engagement and foster international collaborations at PCHi 2024.

Embracing the Belt and Road Initiative: Expanding Global Economic Cooperation
As China’s Belt and Road Initiative celebrates its 10th anniversary, PCHi recognizes its profound impact on global economic cooperation. The initiative has expanded collaborations beyond the Eurasian continent, encompassing Africa and Latin America. China, as the world’s second-largest economy and cosmetics market, plays a pivotal role in propelling global economic expansion.

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Global Engagement: A Platform for International Collaboration
PCHi 2024 is set to host an unprecedented number of exhibitors, with approximately 40% being international cosmetic ingredient providers. This global engagement highlights the importance of the Chinese cosmetics market and its potential for international collaborations and growth.


PCHi 2024 promises to be an exciting event for the Chinese cosmetics industry, offering a platform for industry players to explore the latest trends, innovations, and collaborations. With a focus on sustainability, new technologies, and global engagement, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and forge meaningful partnerships. As the Chinese cosmetics market continues to thrive, PCHi remains at the forefront of driving the industry forward.

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