Prada Beauty Launches Exclusive Line at Nordstrom: Elevate Your Skincare and Makeup Routine

24 January 2024

Discover the luxurious skincare and makeup must-haves from Prada Beauty, now available exclusively at Nordstrom.

From the red carpets of awards season to the runways of Fashion Week, Prada has long been a favorite among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. While the brand’s fashion line often steals the spotlight, Prada Beauty is now making waves with its exclusive launch at Nordstrom. Offering a range of skincare and makeup products, Prada Beauty brings the same level of luxury and sophistication to your everyday routine. Let’s take a closer look at seven must-have products that will elevate your beauty game.

Monochrome Hyper Matte Refillable Lipstick

Pucker up with Prada’s hyper-matte lipstick, designed to reflect the luminosity of Prada fabric. These long-lasting lipsticks feel silky-smooth and lightweight, providing the perfect pout for any occasion. Plus, the refillable case offers a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious beauty lover.

Reveal Skin Optimizing Refillable Soft Matte Foundation

Achieve a flawless complexion with Prada’s soft matte foundation, which offers up to 24 hours of coverage. Enriched with vitamins and SPF 17, this foundation not only evens out skin tone and texture but also provides sun protection. With 27 different shades to choose from, finding your perfect match has never been easier.

Dimensions Multi-Effect Refillable Eyeshadow Palette

Create endless eye looks with Prada’s versatile eyeshadow palette. Each palette features four neutral shades and an electric accent color, allowing you to go from basic to bold with ease. The creamy powder shadows blend seamlessly without fallout, providing 12 hours of weightless wear.

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Revitalizing Refillable Face and Eye Serum

Exclusive to Nordstrom, this cream-to-water serum is a game-changer for your skincare routine. It revitalizes the skin structure, refines texture, and reveals a radiant complexion. Whether you use it on your face or around the delicate eye area, this serum will leave your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Augmented Skin The Smoothing Face Cream

Plump, smooth, and brighten your skin with Prada’s face cream. This gel-to-balm moisturizer, available exclusively at Nordstrom, contains proxylane, vitamin CG, and ceramides to nourish and hydrate your skin. Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury with this rejuvenating face cream.

Augmented Skin The Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Upgrade your skincare routine with this Nordstrom-exclusive facial cleanser and makeup remover. Formulated with amino acids and glycerin, this cream-to-foam cleanser effectively removes impurities while leaving your skin clean, supple, and radiant. Say goodbye to stubborn makeup and hello to a fresh-faced glow.

Colorless Smoothing Lip Balm

Don’t be fooled by its green tint – Prada’s lip balm is a game-changer for dry, chapped lips. Packed with jojoba oil and bifidus extract, this colorless balm provides long-lasting moisture for up to 24 hours. Enhance the natural appearance of your lips with this nourishing lip balm.


Prada Beauty’s exclusive launch at Nordstrom brings a touch of luxury to your skincare and makeup routine. From refillable lipsticks to revitalizing serums, each product is carefully crafted to enhance your natural beauty. With a range of shades and formulas to choose from, Prada Beauty offers something for everyone. Elevate your beauty game and indulge in the sophistication of Prada Beauty, now available at Nordstrom.

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