Putin’s Personal “Anti-Aging” Doctor Dies, Raising Concerns for the Russian Dictator

9 January 2024

Professor Vladimir Khavinson, known for his research on prolonging human life, passes away, leaving Vladimir Putin without his trusted advisor.

In a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his personal “anti-aging” doctor, Professor Vladimir Khavinson, has died at the age of 77. Khavinson, the former director of the St Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, was renowned for his groundbreaking research on slowing down the aging process and extending human life. As Putin prepares for another six-year term in the Kremlin, the loss of his trusted advisor raises concerns about the future of his health and longevity.

The Quest for Eternal Youth

Khavinson’s research focused on finding the secret to extending human life, with the ambitious goal of allowing individuals to live to 110 or even 120 years old. Putin, known for his interest in techniques for prolonging life, awarded Khavinson a major honor at a Kremlin ceremony in 2017. The professor assured Putin that he could rule well into his mid-80s, a path the Russian leader seems to be following as he announces his intention to stand for a new six-year term.

A History of Helping Kremlin Leaders

Khavinson had a long history of assisting Kremlin leaders, including Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, and Boris Yeltsin. However, he expressed frustration at being invited too late to significantly extend their lives. It is also known that Putin’s alleged lover, Alina Kabaeva, had been taking “Khavinson’s peptides” – anti-aging and curative cocktails developed by the professor during his years of secret research for the Soviet Red Army.

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Putin’s Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

While Khavinson never confirmed whether Putin took his anti-aging peptides, the Russian leader has been labeled a cosmetic surgery addict. Experts suggest that Putin has undergone regular botox and cheek fillers to maintain his youthful appearance. Despite the speculation, Khavinson’s research and Putin’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle have undoubtedly influenced the president’s quest for eternal youth.

The Legacy of Khavinson’s Research

Khavinson’s groundbreaking research extended beyond anti-aging peptides. In Soviet times, he developed medication to aid submariners, cosmonauts, soldiers in Afghanistan, and survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion. His institute’s medicines for delaying aging, including Thymalin and Epithalamin, were hailed as discoveries as significant as the development of the atomic bomb. Khavinson’s work had a profound impact on the field of gerontology and offered hope for a longer, healthier life.


The untimely death of Professor Vladimir Khavinson, Putin’s personal “anti-aging” doctor, leaves a void in the Russian leader’s pursuit of eternal youth. As Putin prepares for another term in the Kremlin, the loss of his trusted advisor raises concerns about his future health and longevity. Khavinson’s groundbreaking research and dedication to prolonging human life have left a lasting legacy in the field of gerontology. While the secret to immortality remains elusive, Khavinson’s work offers hope for a healthier and longer life for future generations.

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