Relive Health to Open First Metro Atlanta Location, Bringing Anti-Aging and Wellness Services to the City

24 December 2023

Empire Portfolio Group plans to introduce multiple Relive Health locations in the metro Atlanta area, starting with Chamblee.

Relive Health, a leading wellness franchisee, has announced the opening of its first metro Atlanta location. The studio, set to open in early 2024, will be located at 5001 Peachtree Boulevard in Chamblee. Empire Portfolio Group, the franchisee behind Relive Health, plans to bring more locations to the metro Atlanta area, with the next one slated for Sandy Springs. The decision to launch in Atlanta was driven by the city’s vibrant culture, focus on progressive health and wellness, and the increasing importance of holistic well-being in today’s society.

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

Relive Health offers a wide range of anti-aging and wellness services, including hormone optimization, medical aesthetics, vitamin therapy, and regenerative medicine. What sets Relive Health apart is its personalized approach to client care. Each journey begins with a thorough assessment that includes a 52-panel bloodwork analysis, a body composition audit, and an in-depth skin analysis using Visia technology. This holistic approach allows the team at Relive Health to tailor their services to each individual’s unique needs.

Services Offered

Relive Health provides a variety of services designed to enhance overall well-being. Hormone therapy, IV vitamin and ozone therapy, and medical weight loss programs are among the many offerings available. Additionally, the studio offers a range of medical aesthetics services based on a client’s Visia skin analysis. These services include neurotoxin treatments like Botox and Xeomin, dermal fillers, hydrafacial treatments, and laser services. With a focus on delivering natural-looking results, Relive Health aims to help clients feel and look their best.

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The Fountain of Youth

Empire Portfolio Group CEO Adam Krell describes Relive Health as “the fountain of youth.” With a commitment to providing services that help turn back the clock, Relive Health aims to provide solutions for individuals of all ages. Whether it’s hormone optimization to combat the effects of aging or medical aesthetics to enhance one’s appearance, Relive Health offers a range of options to help clients feel rejuvenated and confident.

Membership and Expansion Plans

Prior to the grand opening of the Chamblee location, Relive Health is offering a special membership rate of $99 to the first 200 members. This exclusive offer allows individuals to experience the benefits of Relive Health’s services at a discounted rate. Looking ahead, Empire Portfolio Group has ambitious plans to expand Relive Health across the metro Atlanta area. Sandy Springs is slated to be the next location, with more to follow in the coming months.

Empire Portfolio Group and Relive Health

Headquartered in New York City, Empire Portfolio Group has been operating as a franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness since 2013. With over 140 Orangetheory Fitness studios spread across multiple states, Empire Portfolio Group has established a strong presence in the fitness industry. Relive Health, founded in 2017, has quickly grown to 12 locations across five states. The opening of the metro Atlanta location marks a significant milestone in the franchise’s expansion.

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Relive Health’s arrival in metro Atlanta brings a new dimension to the city’s wellness landscape. With its personalized approach to anti-aging and wellness services, Relive Health aims to help individuals achieve their health and beauty goals. As the franchise expands across the metro Atlanta area, more residents will have access to the “fountain of youth” that Relive Health provides. With a focus on holistic well-being, Relive Health is poised to make a lasting impact on the wellness industry in Atlanta.

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