Sakura’s K-Pop Beauty Secrets: Unveiling the Cherry Blossom Glow

14 February 2024

Mononym Sakura shares her skincare and makeup routine, revealing the secrets behind her signature K-Pop glow.

In the world of K-Pop, where flawless skin and radiant beauty are a must, Mononym Sakura stands out as a true beauty icon. The singer and actor, known for her ethereal charm and captivating performances, has become synonymous with the K-Pop glow. In this exclusive interview, Sakura takes us behind the scenes of her beauty routine, sharing her favorite products and techniques that help her achieve her signature look.

Setting the Mood with Cherry Blossoms

Sakura’s love for her Japanese heritage is evident in her choice of bathroom decor. Two odes to her name, which means cherry blossom in Japanese, take center stage. An adorable mushroom candle sets the mood, creating a serene and calming atmosphere as Sakura begins her beauty ritual.

Primera: The Key to Sakura’s Glow

Sakura’s skincare routine revolves around clean K-Beauty brand Primera. She swears by the Hydro Glow Treatment Essence, affectionately referring to it as her “strawberry milk” toner. During the cooler months, she transforms it into a sheet mask by saturating cotton pads and applying them to her face. This technique helps combat her dry skin, leaving it hydrated and plump.

The American Surprise

While Sakura is deeply rooted in K-Beauty, she also incorporates an American treat into her routine. The Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment has become a staple in her skincare arsenal. Its nourishing formula keeps her lips soft and supple, ensuring that her pout is always camera-ready.

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Unveiling the K-Pop Glow

Sakura’s flawless complexion is the envy of many. She reveals her secret to achieving that coveted “wow, your skin looks so pretty” comment: a combination of foundation and concealer applied with a flat foundation brush. This technique allows for a light and natural makeup look, perfect for everyday wear. Even on her off-duty days, Sakura’s glow remains intact.

Mastering the Art of Contouring and Lashes

Contouring and perfectly sloped lashes are essential elements of Sakura’s beauty routine. However, she keeps her techniques under wraps, leaving us intrigued and eager to learn her secrets. To discover her expert tips, viewers are encouraged to watch the accompanying video, where Sakura unveils her tricks for achieving a flawless and sculpted look.


Mononym Sakura, the epitome of K-Pop beauty, has graciously shared her skincare and makeup secrets with us. From her love for clean K-Beauty brand Primera to her unique techniques for achieving a natural glow, Sakura’s routine offers valuable insights into the world of K-Pop beauty. As we bid her farewell, we are left inspired and eager to incorporate her tips into our own beauty rituals. With Sakura’s guidance, we can all embrace our inner cherry blossom and radiate with the K-Pop glow.

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