Season Health Acquires Clinical Assets from Wellory, Expanding Access to Nutrition Care Nationwide

29 November 2023

The strategic acquisition of clinical assets from Wellory by Season Health bolsters the growth of the leading integrated food-as-medicine platform, enhancing its provider network and ability to offer personalized nutrition care to a wider range of patients.

In a significant move to revolutionize nutrition care, Season Health has announced its acquisition of clinical assets from Wellory, a prominent network of registered dietitians providing medical nutrition therapy across the United States. This strategic acquisition will propel Season Health’s growth by expanding its provider network and enabling the delivery of comprehensive, personalized nutrition care to a larger patient base.

Unlocking Access to Quality Nutrition Care:

Since its establishment in 2019, Wellory has been at the forefront of increasing access to quality nutrition care services nationwide. With its network of registered dietitians, Wellory has provided evidence-based nutrition care to thousands of Americans across all 50 states, focusing on chronic condition management and general wellness through digital nutrition solutions. The Wellory provider network comprises registered dietitians with expertise in 25 clinical specialties, offering support in over 15 languages and boasting an average of more than ten years of clinical experience.

Aligned Visions for the Future of Nutrition in Healthcare:

Wellory CEO and Co-founder Emily Hochman expressed excitement about the acquisition, noting the alignment of Season Health’s commitment to a food-as-medicine platform with Wellory’s vision for the future of nutrition in healthcare. Hochman emphasized the mission to make nutrition care accessible to all and integrate it seamlessly into a patient’s health journey. By joining forces with Season Health, Wellory aims to accelerate the expansion of Season’s nutrition offering, benefiting a larger population in need.

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Season Health’s Food-as-Medicine Platform:

Season Health, founded in 2020, is a leading Food-as-Medicine Platform that has garnered support from notable investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, LRVHealth, and 8VC. With the integration of Wellory’s extensive nutrition provider network, Season Health will further enhance its outcomes-driven clinical nutrition practice and continue scaling its platform. This platform encompasses affordable medically-tailored meals and groceries, culturally-relevant recipes, nutrition education, and an integrated benefits bank.

Addressing the Urgent Issue of Chronic Disease:

The strategic acquisition positions Season Health to meet the growing demand for nutrition care by partnering with employers, health plans, and providers to address the pressing issue of chronic disease in the United States. With a broadened provider network, Season Health will leverage its technology platform to translate clinical guidance into healthy, often subsidized food options that seamlessly integrate with payer benefits. This expansion enables Season Health to offer evidence-based clinical programs to a broader range of patients with conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, obesity, and high-risk pregnancy, ultimately driving improved health outcomes and reducing the total cost of care.

Amplifying the Impact of Personalized Clinical Nutrition Care:

Season Health’s personalized approach to food-as-medicine has already demonstrated its efficacy. Members currently engage with registered dietitians three to four times per month on average, utilizing messaging and virtual visits. This data-driven, customized approach has resulted in proven clinical results. For instance, in a recent report validating Season Health’s diabetes program, members with HbA1c levels at or above 9 points saw an average reduction of 1.8 points within 90 days of engaging with Season’s registered dietitians and related clinical program.

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The acquisition of clinical assets from Wellory by Season Health marks a significant milestone in the advancement of nutrition care. By expanding its provider network and integrating Wellory’s expertise, Season Health is poised to revolutionize the accessibility and delivery of personalized nutrition care across the United States. With its food-as-medicine platform, Season Health aims to empower individuals, health plans, and employers to make informed, sustainable choices that improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life.

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