Selena Gomez Opens Up About Beauty and Cosmetic Procedures

16 December 2023

The actress and singer addresses rumors and reveals her thoughts on beauty standards

Selena Gomez, known for her talent and beauty, recently responded to an internet troll suggesting she had cheek filler or implants. In a witty comeback, Gomez confirmed that she had indeed undergone Botox treatments. This revelation sparked a conversation about beauty standards and cosmetic procedures. In a recent interview, Gomez shared her perspective on beauty, influenced by her experience as a child star. Let’s delve into Gomez’s journey and her thoughts on beauty and self-acceptance.

The Pressure of Being a Child Star

Gomez, who began her career at the age of seven, admitted that her perception of beauty was influenced by her early exposure to makeup and constant presence in the public eye. In an interview with WWD, she shared that her version of beauty was somewhat distorted due to the hours she spent in the makeup chair. However, she acknowledged that these experiences had a negative impact on her mental well-being.

Embracing Self-Acceptance

Over the years, Gomez’s perspective on beauty has evolved. She now approaches makeup as a form of self-expression and finds joy in the process. The actress and singer mentioned that doing her own makeup makes her feel happy and positive. This shift in mindset reflects her journey towards self-acceptance and embracing her natural beauty.

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Addressing Cosmetic Procedures

While Gomez has been private about her cosmetic procedures in the past, her recent response to an internet troll shed some light on her experiences. In addition to confirming that she had received Botox treatments, she did not shy away from discussing her choices openly. This transparency challenges the stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures and encourages open conversations about beauty standards.

Love and Support from Benny Blanco

Gomez recently confirmed her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco and defended their connection against online haters. She expressed her love and appreciation for Blanco, referring to him as her “absolute everything.” This public display of affection showcases Gomez’s newfound confidence and her ability to stand up against negativity.

A Diamond “B” Ring and New Beginnings

To further solidify their relationship, Gomez proudly displayed a diamond Jacquie Aiche “B” ring on her left hand, symbolizing her commitment to Blanco. This gesture signifies a new chapter in her life and highlights her happiness and contentment in her current relationship.


Selena Gomez’s recent revelations about her cosmetic procedures and her journey towards self-acceptance shed light on the pressures faced by celebrities and the importance of embracing one’s natural beauty. Gomez’s openness and confidence in discussing these topics challenge societal beauty standards and encourage others to feel comfortable in their own skin. As she continues to navigate her career and personal life, Gomez serves as an inspiration for self-love and acceptance in a world obsessed with perfection.

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