Sephora Welcomes Cult-Favorite Beauty Brands Dieux and Soft Services

14 February 2024

Dieux and Soft Services bring their beloved skincare and body care offerings to Sephora, expanding their reach and introducing their products to a wider audience.

In the era of direct-to-consumer shopping, the allure of seeing all your favorite beauty products in one place still holds a certain magic. Sephora, the renowned beauty retailer, has long been the go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts seeking a curated selection of top-notch products. On February 13th, Sephora added two cult-favorite brands to its lineup: Dieux and Soft Services. Dieux, known for their transparent pricing and clinical formulations, and Soft Services, passionate about providing solutions for various skin concerns, have both made their mark with standout products. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for both brands, as they venture from the online realm to brick-and-mortar stores.

Dieux: Simple yet Effective Skincare Rituals

Dieux, a skincare company founded by aesthetician and CEO Charlotte Palermino, has gained a devoted following for its innovative products. One of their most beloved offerings is the Forever Eye Mask, which has become a fan favorite. This reusable 100% silicone patch can be used in conjunction with an under-eye product to seal in moisture. After use, it can be washed and reused, making it a sustainable choice. Dieux’s commitment to clinical testing and real results has resonated with consumers, and their partnership with Sephora aims to bring their ethos and effective skincare rituals to a wider audience.

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Soft Services: Revolutionizing Body Care

Soft Services, founded by Rebecca Zhou, is on a mission to revolutionize body care and bring formerly taboo skin issues into mainstream conversation. Their targeted solutions cater to specific body care needs, extending the concept of skincare beyond the face. Soft Services’ Buffing Bar, an exfoliating body bar, and Carea Cream, a moisturizing and softening body lotion, have become customer favorites. By partnering with Sephora, Soft Services aims to educate and empower consumers to care for their skin holistically, from head to toe.

Expanding Reach and Educating Consumers

The partnership between Sephora and these two innovative brands not only expands their reach but also provides an opportunity to educate consumers on the benefits of their products. By making their offerings available both online and in-store, Dieux and Soft Services hope to introduce their products to new customers and further revolutionize the beauty industry. Sephora’s commitment to supporting forward-thinking brands makes them an ideal partner for these up-and-coming labels.


The arrival of Dieux and Soft Services at Sephora is a testament to the power of innovative skincare and body care brands. By bringing their beloved products to a wider audience, both brands aim to educate consumers and inspire them to embrace effective and holistic beauty routines. As shoppers continue to seek out curated experiences and discover new favorites, Sephora remains at the forefront, providing a platform for emerging brands to thrive. With Dieux and Soft Services now part of the Sephora family, beauty enthusiasts have even more reason to plan their next shopping trip.

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