Single Mother Ranks High in Rejuvenation Olympics with Ordinary Anti-Aging Routine

10 December 2023

Julie Gibson Clark defies aging with a simple yet effective lifestyle that prioritizes health and longevity.

Julie Gibson Clark, a 55-year-old single mother from Phoenix, is defying the aging process with her impressive results from an epigenetic DNA test. While her chronological age is 55, her biological age, which determines healthspan and lifespan, is decreasing. Clark’s success in the Rejuvenation Olympics, a global online longevity game, places her in second position among 4,000 participants. Surpassing wealthy tech founders and investors, Clark’s secret lies in her ordinary anti-aging routine that prioritizes health over extravagant measures.

A Vegetable-Rich Diet

Clark’s daily routine revolves around a vegetable-rich diet. Consuming approximately 16 ounces of vegetables each day, she incorporates carrots, radishes, and peppers as snacks during work hours. She further boosts her vegetable intake through salads and soups. Emphasizing a diverse array of whole foods, Clark’s diet supports a healthy gut, strengthens the immune system, and promotes overall well-being. She also limits refined sugars and grains, opting for complex carbohydrates that offer more nutrients.

Strength and Cardio

Clark maintains her physical fitness through a combination of strength and cardio workouts. Her weekly routine includes two upper body workouts with weights, two lower body workouts with weights, and one day dedicated to midsection strength training. Additionally, she engages in 20 to 30 minutes of cardio four times a week. Incorporating strength training helps combat age-related muscle loss, while finding enjoyable exercises ensures consistency.

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Sauna and Cold Shower

Clark incorporates heat and cold immersion into her routine. At least three times a week, she spends 20 minutes in a sauna before taking a cold shower. Longevity experts advocate for this practice as it stresses the body in a beneficial way. Heat immersion, like a sauna, activates longevity pathways, boosts the immune system, and improves cardiovascular health. Cold showers induce hormesis, reducing inflammation and promoting resilience.

An Incentive to Keep Going

Clark’s commitment to her health journey is driven by her desire to be there for her 17-year-old son. As a single mother, she aims to minimize the negative repercussions of aging and prioritize a long, healthy life. Her routine is not intense or labeled as “biohacking,” but rather a simple and sustainable approach to maintaining her well-being.


Julie Gibson Clark’s extraordinary results in the Rejuvenation Olympics demonstrate that prioritizing health and longevity does not require exorbitant measures. Her vegetable-rich diet, regular exercise, sauna sessions, and cold showers form the foundation of her anti-aging routine. Clark’s motivation to live a long, healthy life stems from her desire to be there for her son. Her story serves as an inspiration for others, showing that anyone can adopt a similar lifestyle to defy the effects of aging and improve overall well-being.

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