Sirona Biochem Trademarks Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Molecule, GlycoProteMim

13 December 2023

Sirona Biochem’s GlycoProteMim Promises to Revolutionize Anti-Aging Skincare

Sirona Biochem Corp., a leading biotechnology company, has recently announced a significant development in the field of skincare. The company has successfully trademarked its groundbreaking anti-aging and anti-wrinkle molecule, TFC-1326, under the name GlycoProteMim. This achievement marks a crucial step towards commercializing this innovative skincare ingredient.

The Science Behind GlycoProteMim

GlycoProteMim is a cutting-edge solution developed by Sirona Biochem to combat skin aging. The molecule is designed to mimic the natural glycoproteins found in the skin, which play a vital role in maintaining its youthful appearance. By targeting glycoprotein interactions, GlycoProteMim aims to reverse the signs of aging and offer long-lasting benefits.

Surpassing Retinol: The Promise of GlycoProteMim

Sirona Biochem believes that GlycoProteMim has the potential to surpass retinol, a widely used anti-aging ingredient, in terms of effectiveness and tolerability. While retinol can cause skin irritation and sensitivity in some individuals, GlycoProteMim is expected to provide similar or even better results without these side effects. This breakthrough could revolutionize the skincare industry by offering a more accessible and user-friendly alternative to retinol.

The Trademarking Process and Commercialization Plans

Sirona Biochem has initiated the trademarking process for GlycoProteMim through its subsidiary, TFChem. This strategic move ensures that the company has exclusive rights to market and sell the molecule under its trademarked name. By securing the trademark, Sirona Biochem aims to establish GlycoProteMim as a recognized and trusted brand in the skincare industry.

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Moreover, the company is actively engaging industry experts to plan for the commercialization of GlycoProteMim. This involves collaborating with dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and skincare professionals to develop effective formulations and integrate GlycoProteMim into a range of skincare products. Sirona Biochem’s commitment to involving industry experts highlights its dedication to delivering a high-quality and scientifically backed solution to consumers.

The Potential Impact of GlycoProteMim

The of GlycoProteMim has the potential to transform the anti-aging skincare market. With its unique mechanism of action and promising results, this molecule could become a game-changer in the fight against skin aging. By offering a safer and more effective alternative to retinol, GlycoProteMim may attract a wider range of consumers who have previously been deterred by the side effects associated with traditional anti-aging ingredients.

Furthermore, the trademarking of GlycoProteMim ensures that Sirona Biochem maintains control over the molecule’s commercialization and reinforces its position as a leader in the field of skincare innovation. The company’s commitment to scientific research and collaboration with industry experts sets it apart from competitors and instills confidence in the efficacy and safety of their products.


Sirona Biochem’s successful trademarking of GlycoProteMim marks a significant milestone in the development of advanced anti-aging skincare solutions. With its potential to surpass retinol in effectiveness and tolerability, GlycoProteMim has the power to revolutionize the way we approach skin aging. This breakthrough not only showcases Sirona Biochem’s dedication to scientific innovation but also highlights the company’s commitment to delivering safe and effective skincare products to consumers. As the commercialization plans for GlycoProteMim unfold, the skincare industry eagerly awaits the arrival of this groundbreaking molecule and the transformative impact it may have on anti-aging skincare.

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