SKNRGY Aesthetics Offers Botox and Lip Filler, Accepts CatCash from University of Arizona Students

1 December 2023

Main Gate Square’s Newest Spa Provides Convenient Payment Option for Students

SKNRGY Aesthetics, a cosmetic spa located in Main Gate Square, is making waves by offering botox injections and lip filler services to University of Arizona (UA) students. What sets this spa apart is its acceptance of CatCash, a form of student payment that allows students to make purchases using their CatCards. This convenient payment option has quickly gained popularity among students, especially freshman girls. While some may question the ethics of using student funds for cosmetic procedures, the transparency and convenience provided by CatCash make it an attractive option for students seeking aesthetic enhancements.

1: CatCash: A Convenient Payment Method for UA Students

CatCash is a digital payment system that allows UA students to load up to $1,000 onto their CatCards, which can then be used for purchases on and off campus. This payment method functions like a debit card and offers a convenient way for students to pay for various goods and services, including those provided by SKNRGY Aesthetics. Kyra Kazantzis, an employee at SKNRGY, attests to the popularity of CatCash among students, particularly freshman girls who are eager to explore aesthetic enhancements.

2: Lip Flip: The Affordable Option for Fuller Lips

One of the most sought-after services at SKNRGY is the lip flip, a procedure that uses botox to relax muscles in the upper lip, resulting in a fuller appearance. Priced at $79, the lip flip is an affordable option for students looking to enhance their lips without breaking the bank. Aubree Amoriello, a junior at UA, shares her experience of choosing SKNRGY over other establishments due to the convenience of using CatCash, which she considers to be “basically free.”

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3: CatCash and Marketing Strategy

The owner of SKNRGY, Cami Quist, is no stranger to the student market. As the previous owner of Fuku Sushi and the current owner of Jimmy’s Pita and Poke, both popular spots on University Boulevard, Quist understands the financial constraints faced by students. By accepting CatCash, Quist aims to attract students who may be hesitant to spend their own money on cosmetic procedures. While some students rely on their parents’ support through CatCash, the charges made at SKNRGY are transparent and appear under the business’s name on the CatCash bill.

4: Transparency and Future Changes

Although the charges made at SKNRGY are visible on CatCash bills, the specific services, such as lip injections and botox, remain hidden. Lexi Czopek, the assistant director for the UA’s meal plan office, explains that this is an area the CatCash office is considering changing in the future. Currently, any business wishing to accept CatCash must go through an application process with Transact, a third-party company that administers the UA’s meal plan software. While no complaints have been made about SKNRGY’s use of CatCash this year, the CatCash office is exploring ways to provide more transparency to students and their parents.

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SKNRGY Aesthetics has found a unique way to cater to the needs of UA students by accepting CatCash as a payment method. This convenient option allows students to explore cosmetic procedures without the immediate financial burden. While some may question the ethics of using student funds for aesthetic enhancements, the transparency provided by CatCash and the commitment of SKNRGY to building self-esteem and providing accessible skincare services contribute to its appeal. As the use of CatCash continues to grow, it remains to be seen how the UA and other businesses will adapt to ensure transparency and accountability in student spending.

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