Societe Generale Issues First Digital Green Bond Leveraging Blockchain Technology

25 December 2023

The groundbreaking digital green bond issued by Societe Generale marks a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain technology into the financial industry.

Societe Generale, a leading French bank, has made history by issuing the first digital green bond that utilizes the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology. This innovative transaction not only brings increased transparency and traceability to the bond market but also enhances the efficiency and speed of transactions and settlements. With this inaugural operation, Societe Generale aims to finance or refinance Eligible Green Activities, as defined in their Sustainable and Positive Impact Bond framework. Moreover, this milestone paves the way for blockchain to serve as a data repository and certification tool for issuers and investors, promoting global transparency on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and impact data.

Enhancing Transparency and Measuring Carbon Footprint

Societe Generale’s digital green bond introduces two key innovations that will be further developed in the future. Firstly, the bond’s smart contract provides open access to information on the carbon footprint linked to the digital bond infrastructure. This groundbreaking feature allows issuers and investors to measure the carbon emissions associated with their securities, providing a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of their investments. This innovation aligns with SG-FORGE’s commitment to promoting sustainability and follows the publication of their first full lifecycle carbon footprint report on Security Tokens.

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Expanding Settlement Options and On-Chain Services

In addition to enhancing transparency, Societe Generale’s digital green bond offers a new settlement option for investors. Through the use of the EUR CoinVertible, a digital asset issued by SG-FORGE, investors can settle securities on-chain, complementing traditional cash settlement solutions. This expansion of settlement methods demonstrates the vast capabilities of SG-FORGE in providing a full spectrum of on-chain services. While Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) solutions are still being experimented with, this new option showcases the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing settlement processes.

Societe Generale’s Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

The issuance of the digital green bond by Societe Generale exemplifies the bank’s dedication to developing innovative services and meeting the evolving demands of corporate and institutional clients. By leveraging their financial structuring expertise and the technological capabilities of SG-FORGE, Societe Generale is actively contributing to the creation of an innovative and sustainable bond market. This milestone transaction not only highlights the bank’s commitment to ESG considerations but also positions them as a leader in the integration of blockchain technology into the financial industry.


Societe Generale’s groundbreaking issuance of the first digital green bond using blockchain technology marks a significant step forward in the evolution of the financial industry. By leveraging the unique features of blockchain, Societe Generale has enhanced transparency, enabled the measurement of carbon footprints, and expanded settlement options for investors. This milestone transaction not only showcases the bank’s commitment to innovation but also reinforces their dedication to sustainability. As blockchain continues to revolutionize the financial landscape, Societe Generale’s pioneering efforts serve as an inspiration for other institutions to explore the potential of this transformative technology in creating a more transparent and sustainable future.

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